New Jersey Colonial Brochure

New Jersey: The Colony of Freedom

There are many reasons that you should come to the Colony of New Jersey. There is a rich history with many interesting stories that have the colony full of many different people of many different backgrounds. The colony has beautiful geography and is surrounded by some of the biggest cities in the colonies. The government is fair and works in a way that allows you to choose how your government is run. The people are nice, the average lifestyle is very calming and gives you a feeling of accomplishment and you have the freedom to worship however you want. There are many different trades that you are sure to find a trade you like here.  What could be better than the colony of New Jersey?

Geography (NJMap)


In 1626 the Dutch settled in the present day colonies of New York and New Jersey and called it the New Netherlands. The Swedish also came over and lived in New Netherlands.Then, in 1664 King Charles II stole the New Netherlands from the Dutch and gave it to his brother, James, the Duke of York. King Charles II stole the colony because he wanted total control over the land in his colonies. After he received the New Netherlands, the Duke of York thought that his new colony, which he renamed New York, was too big. So,he gave part of it to his two friends, Lord John Berkeley and Sir George Carteret.

History (KingCharlesII)

The colony was divided into two parts, East and West Jersey. One part was Berkeley’s and the other was Carteret’s. Later Queen Anne united East and West Jersey to make it a Royal Colony. A Royal Colony is a colony that is under direct control of the crown, the king or queen.

History (Carteret landing in NJ)

Because of all of this rich history there are many people of many backgrounds in New Jersey. If you come to New Jersey you could learn about these new backgrounds and maybe even pick up on some new traditions!


The colony of New Jersey is in the Middle Colonies. The Middle Colonies are a very interesting place to live because there are so many trade and skill options in them. An interesting fact about New Jersey is that it is on a Peninsula, so, you will never be out of water. It is surrounded by the Hudson River, the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware River.

The land of New Jersey is very unique. The more inland you get, the hillier the land gets and the closer you get to the ocean, the more flat the land gets. The flat land by the ocean is very good if you are planning on having a plantation because the flat land is good for growing crops and the ocean makes for a great place to ship off your crops all around the world.

Geography (NJMaps)

Surrounding New Jersey are some colonies that have very big cities, which is good for a business carrier. Some big cities that are around are New York, New York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. All of the surrounding colonies are nice which makes your New Jersey life easier. The surrounding colonies are New York, to the north, Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean, to the South, Pennsylvania and Maryland, to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.


New Jersey’s government is a very fair government that allows you to elect representatives for a twelve-member council so you will always have a say in how your government is run. As long as you own property worth more than 50 pounds you will be able to elect the representative.

Queen Anne originally established the New Jersey government, she appointed a governor and a twelve-member council.

Gov. (NJ Gov. Seal)

The laws of New Jersey are very fair because of the New Jersey Concessions and Agreements, created in 1677. The Concessions and Agreements says that the government shall be elected by the people, there is freedom of religion, anybody accused of crime is guaranteed a trial by jury, you cannot be imprisoned for any debts and none of these rights are allowed to be taken away from somebody.

The colony used to be divided into two halves, a Quaker half and an all-other-religions half. That was before the Concessions and Agreements but, because of the situation before, there are many different people of all different religions all over the colony, making a unique community for you to live in.

People and Culture

Many different people settled in New Jersey including Dutch, Swedish, Quakers, Puritans, Baptists and Presbyterians. All of these backgrounds give New Jersey and unique, and interesting, culture. All of the different groups immigrated to the colony at different times, the Dutch in 1626, the Swedish in 1638, the Quakers in 1674, and the Baptists and Presbyterians lived throughout the colonies existence.

If you are looking to get away from England’s strict laws, you are in luck! New Jersey allows all religions to be worshipped, and all of them are.

New Jersey is not a big-business type colony. Almost all of your required items will be homemade if you come to this colony. The jobs to get these necessities are divided by gender. Men do all of the planting and harvesting of crops and other outdoor things like that while the women work on cleaning the house, sewing, cooking, and other household chores.

People&Culture (DutchFamily)

Children’s’ education is very important in New Jersey. Children are taught by either a parent or a local teacher, but either way they have to learn to be able to read and write by a young age.

Native Americans are very hostile and violent towards New Jersey colonists, but the colonists are so well adapted to the attacks that you will have nothing to worry about. You will always be safe in New Jersey.


New Jersey has many different trades in all skill ranges. If you are a fisherman, there is a job for you, if you are a lumberjack, there is a job for you, and if you are a craftsman there is a job for you.

Some of the many products found in New Jersey are whales, lumber and iron.

People can use these resources in many different ways, you can take whalebones and oils from the whales, you can build ship from the lumber, you can weld the iron, and you can make leather. All of these items are commonly traded too. You can trade the whalebones, whale oil, lumber, ships, crafted iron and leather.

Economics (GreyWhale)

There are many jobs in New Jersey. You could be a baker, cobbler, wheelwright, bricklayer, blacksmith, brewer, whaler, lumberjack, iron forger, ship builder, leather-maker and other craftsmen like this.

Economics (IronForgers)

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