The Last Safe House

The Last Safe House

By:Barbara Greenwood

Blurb by: Danielle S.

Do you think you could survive running away, losing your family and worst of all living with strangers? Well, Eliza does although she doesn’t enjoy it. Eliza explores many places such as different houses, the woods, and the school while she tries to hide from the slave hunters and hide with the Reid family which take her in when no one else will help her. I really liked how after a section of Eliza’s story there would be a couple pages full of facts about slavery and other small stories, then continue the story again. I also really liked how the author made realistic events happen in the story as it would have at that time. The only things that I did not like about the story were the facts that took up much of the story, that weren’t very interesting and they kind of bored me. My favorite character was Eliza because she had fun and interesting to read characteristics that made the story fun to read. Eliza changed during the story because she went from being a slave to being free. I would recommend this book only to people who liked to learn about History and slavery. I would also recommend this book to people who like to read stories that include both tragedy and happy moments.

I would give this book 4 stars out of 5.

Foley Art

This past month Gia and I have been working on a Halloween podcast for our foley art unit. We first had to find a poem that we thought we would be able to add many sound effects to it. Next, we typed up the poem on our google docs and thought about all the different sound effects we could both get digitally (garageband) and homemade (we made the sounds). Once we finished finding and creating sound effects to add to the poem we recorded the poem with our own voices into garageband. We added sound effects that we had listed to the podcast that we found either on garageband or made ourselves. Then, we went found a picture to represent our poem and we finally finished.

Danielle’s and Gia’s tech poem