The Differences Between The Union and Confederate

The  Differences  Between  The  Union  and Confederate

By: Hannah

The lives of Confederate and Union soldiers were different in many ways. The soldiers and the armies were both  different.

Union and Confederate soldiers led very different lives. The Confederate soldiers didn’t have as many supplies and resources. A large fraction of the battles were fought on the  plantations of the South so they couldn’t produce cotton, tobacco, sugar cane, and other supplies and goods. The South also didn’t have many factories or railways to produce and transport much needed supplies.The Union had some trained soldiers and many more  small farms to produce goods. The North was also more densely populated. Foreigners immigrated to the North, which meant more soldiers. All in all, Union and Confederate soldiers had very different lives.

The Union and the Confederate armies are different in many ways. The Union had some trained soldiers and many more farms to produce goods. The Union also had many more railways to transport food, guns, uniforms, medical supplies, and all other much needed goods. The South was had less supplies and railways. At the beginning of the war the South had better leaders, most having gone to military schools. Although, many were killed. The Union developed better generals later in the war and the South was not able keep up. The Union had a larger army including many black soldiers. Also, the Union produced ¾ of  the country’s wealth. To conclude, Union and Confederate armies were very different.

The Civil War was the bloodiest war in American history. So, there really was no winner. There were many differences between the Union and Confederate, ironic because they were brothers, neighbors, friends, and all Americans.

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