“Make Hay While The Sun Shines” short story

There were once three girls all with different dreams. The first wanted to be an artist, the second a singer, and the third a dancer. The first was very poor, the second was not confident in herself, and the third was dumb and could not add 2+2. Once on a very long and boring plane ride there was a talent scout. The talent scout was going to be fired if he did not find at least two girls with an amazing singing, dancing, or artistic talent. The girls thought for about an hour and eventually tried to impress him, he said he would think about it for a few minutes. twelve hours later he told them to be prepared for a world tour. The first girl would create backdrops, the second would sing on the stage, and the third would be a lead dancer for the preformances. They called them self's:  Hay, sun, and Shine, short for Make Hay While The Sun shines.

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