Allen Iverson, Basketball Phenom

Allen Iverson was a basketball player and he put up some good numbers like in the regular season averaged 26.7 points per game and 6.2 assists per game and 2.2 steals per game yeah pretty good, anyway he was an All-star player and probably a hall of famer. He was amazing he brought his awful team to the playoffs with his good team chemistry, ability to finish a task on a deadline. It was a deadline because he only had so many games to win.

Allen was never selfish I mean if you look back to the first chapter he averaged 6.2 assists. Allen is focused, never stops trying, always has energy to burn, athletic and the thing he did best crossovers. Crossovers mean that he went all over until he found a good look to the basket then he takes the shot and most likely nails it. Allen was only 6,0 (that is short for someone in the NBA) so he had to shoot over taller people without really seeing the basket BUT USUALLY NAILS IT! He played for a bunch of different teams but he had something in common with all of them, he gave 150%.

Allen was born and raised in Hampton,VA, his parents are Allen Broughton and Ann Iverson. Allen and his family lived in an awful,horrible,terrible neighborhood for playing basketball and it is a bad neighborhood in general but that didn’t stop Allen Iverson. He practiced dribbling all the time because well his family couldn’t afford a basketball hoop. So he dribbled around the neighborhood, his backyard and even on grass and I bet that’s how he was such an AWESOME dribbler. Then Allen went to a bunch of parks to practice shooting and he kept on getting better and better and better and better and when he went to high school he made the A team.

Allen like I said before was very very short to play in the NBA and he really had to shoot the ball really high to even have a chance because the defender would just block it. Allen is inspiring, he was raised in the worst neighborhood for basketball, he was short and he never gives up. He was on the worst teams but brought them together with 3 things: 1. leadership, 2. sportsmanship, and most important, 3. teammate chemistry.

He is my basketball hero and he is still a good guy today and DEFINITELY one of the best basketball players ever and thats why I wrote this biography on him.




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