11.2.2 (The Rest of It)

Today in class we learned how to make Box and Whisker Plots on the TI-Nspire calculators.  (You can google it if you need help on your homework).

Then we learned how to measure IQR and identify outliers on a Box and Whisker Plot.

The rest of the lesson focused on describing the shapes of data on histograms.

Tonight, complete the R&P for 11.2.2

Presentation Questions:

Based on what you learned creating your own presentation, and from participating in the class presentations today, please answer the following questions:

Sketch the graph of f(x) = x^2
(y equals x squared)Write the new equations, and then PREDICT what the new graph should look like.  Be as specific as possible.  Do not use a calculator, or desmos to check your work.  We will share our answers as a class on Monday.

     Compare/contrast f(x + 2) and f(x – 2)  How do they compare to the original graph?
    Describe -2f(x)
    Compare/contrast f(x) + 2 and f(x + 2).  How do they compare to the original graph?
    Describe f(-2x)