Statistics Project

Today in class, everyone received instructions for their Statistics “poster” Project.  This will be due (probably) at the end of class on Wednesday, Feb 3.

Below is a TON of data you might choose to analyze for your project.  Tons of Data

If you lost your assignment sheet, then you can also find it on page 140 of the attached file.

Interesting websites:


What if it isn’t linear?

Today in class we learned how to use quadratic and exponential regression to find different best fit lines.  That is because not all data is linear.

We can determine which function to use, or how good each one is with our residual plot, r, and r squared values.

Remember:  r is not the SLOPE of the line of best fit.  It measures the strength of the correlation!


Today in class we learned what r (the correlation coefficient) tells us about our line of best fit.

It is EASIEST to find r when using Desmos.  (That’s my tip for everyone this weekend.)

Now go and complete the Review & Preview for 6.2.2.

6 – 1: Modeling Data

Today in class we reviewed some important vocabulary regarding scatter plots and modeling data.  We also began a cool project that will take more than one day.

In the meantime, complete the Review and Preview for section 6-1 tonight for homework.  Skip 6 – 4, since we haven’t finished the Football Project yet.

6 – 7 might be hard.  Use the homework help if you get stuck.  If you get really stuck, please let me know so that we can study these skills more in depth later in the year.