Shortcuts to Congruence

Today we learned that you don’t need all 9 corresponding parts of a triangle to be congruent, in order to prove that 2 triangles are congruent to each other.  Those shortcuts are the Congruent Triangle Postulates.

Tonight, please complete problems 6 and 7 from the worksheet.  If possible, use a 2-Column Proof to support your logic and reasoning.


Two Column Proofs

Today in class we learned how to organize our work as a Two-Column Proof.  It is just like writing an outline for a research paper.

Tonight, please redo your work from Problem 7 on the Second Worksheet (Friday’s HW) and organize everything as a Two-Column Proof.

Each step must include a justification.

You can use “Proven in…” if you are using information that you proved previously.

Logic Review 5/13

Today in class we reviewed some logic and learned how to use the Law of Detachment (LoD) and the Chain Rule (CR) to draw conclusions.

As you work on your homework tonight, be sure to show your logic in drawing conclusions.  Show clearly when you used the LoD and CR and how you used them to help you out.  This is especially important for the Dreet, Dran, Drilp problem at the end.