Statistics Project

Today in class, everyone received instructions for their Statistics “poster” Project.  This will be due (probably) at the start of class on Friday, March 3.

Below is a TON of data you might choose to analyze for your project.  Tons of Data

If you lost your assignment sheet, then you can also find it on page 140 of the attached file.

Interesting websites:

How Much Does One Lego Piece Cost?


11.2.2 (The Rest of It)

Today in class we learned how to make Box and Whisker Plots on the TI-Nspire calculators.  (You can google it if you need help on your homework).

Then we learned how to measure IQR and identify outliers on a Box and Whisker Plot.

The rest of the lesson focused on describing the shapes of data on histograms.

Tonight, complete the R&P for 11.2.2