Team Test and Review

On Tuesday, we will take our Team Test over Chapter 10.  This weekend, please review our list of important concepts and skills from class today.

Please rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 for each of the skills.  Look for similar problems from the unit and check your understanding.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.17.13 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.18.19 PMOn Monday, come to class with a list of what you want to PRACTICE in class.  Mr. Minsley will have work ready for you.


Hot Potato!

Today in class we reviewed some of the big skills from Chapter 10 as we played the game of Hot Potato!

Tonight, please answer these 2 questions:

  1. The equations in Problem 1 (in the packet) were both parabolas.  Is (2, 12) the ONLY intersection point? How do you know?
  2. When I typed “solve” on my TI-Nspire for problem 2, it gave me the following inequality.  Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 3.22.05 PM
    Did you get the same inequality?  If not, find your mistake.  SHOW YOUR WORK!

Math Survey

In January, we began to pilot materials from CPM.  They gave us the materials for free to try until May 1.  With May 1st approaching, they are interested in how you feel about the math we have studied so far this semester.

Please click on the link below to answer a short survey about CPM’s Core Connections Algebra I book.