9/26 – GSP Rigid Motion

Your Rigid Motion packet will be due at the end of class on Monday.

The instructions you include for each problem should be precise and written using the equation editor within GSP.

Precise Instructions:  Take Triangle ABC and rotate it 90 degrees around point A.

Not Precise:  First I made a triangle by connecting 3 line segments.  Then I labeled the vertices A, B, and C.

9/9 – Dilations, Scale Factor, and STRETCHING

When you multiply both the x and y coordinate by the same number, that number is called a scale factor.  The new image is called a dilation.

When you only multiply the x OR y coordinate by a number, then you are performing a vertical/horizontal stretch/shrink.  The new shape is not a dilation, as it is not similar to the original shape.

Your homework tonight was problems 6-58 and 6-59.