January 2017 – Kindness

Building on the momentum of the Kindness Project spearheaded by the Helping Hands club, our January spirit assembly focused on “Coloring Avoca West with Kindness.” Our ambassadors found a video to share that set the tone for our assembly.

Then the group adapted an Korean folktale called “Heungbu and Nolbu.” Students decided that the story had two key messages – be kind even when it is hard and kindness spreads. We adapted the story to reflect these messages while placing it in a modern school setting with contemporary characters. The story was told by a group of our 4th grade ambassadors.

Ambassadors also decided to start a Random Act of Kindness challenge for the school. For January and February, we are filling a bulletin board with a rainbow of acts of kindness.

November 2017 – Accepting Differences

For our first Spirit Assembly of the 2016-17, student leaders focused on accepting and celebrating differences at Avoca West. We were inspired by a poem by Maya Angelou about the diversity of the “Human Family.” In teams, students wrote stanzas for an original poem. Then they created narrated scenes that helped illustrate the meaning of each stanza.

The slideshow below shares the highlights of the assembly. We are so proud of our students ability to teach about the uniqueness of our Avoca Family.

Our next assembly will focus on kindness and compassion.