Second Grade News!

Happy Spring!

I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the spring conferences this week.  Be sure to check your child’s folder to see the Second Grade Newsletter.  

Reminders:  Dismissal time is 11:45 a.m. on Wednesday and Thursday, March 22 and 23. There is no school for students on Friday, March 24.

Spring break is a great time to clean out your child’s backpack and Bravo Binder.  Have a wonderful time enjoying your special child!

Sara Bader



What’s Been Happening in Room 32!!

It has been a wonderfully busy time in Room 32.  This past week we had Art in Action.  All of the children participated in an activity they chose.  I hope you enjoy the pictures of them.IMG_2293 IMG_2294 IMG_2295 IMG_2296 IMG_2297 IMG_2298 IMG_2299 IMG_2300 IMG_2301 IMG_2302 IMG_2303 IMG_2304 IMG_2305 IMG_2306 IMG_2307 IMG_2308 IMG_2309 IMG_2310 IMG_2311 IMG_2312 IMG_2313 IMG_2314 IMG_2315 IMG_2316 IMG_2317 IMG_2318 IMG_2319 IMG_2320 IMG_2321 IMG_2322

As you can see, they had a wonderful time and I am sure you enjoyed the projects they brought home.

This is a reminder to reinforce with you child that even though it is sunny outside during recess, it is still cold and they should keep their jackets on.  The flu season is not over and there have been several children sick in our class.
I hope everyone can be at the February 23 second grade night.  It should be wonderful and a great opportunity for all parents to observe their child during Drama, Music, and Spanish.

Enjoy the sunshine today – it feels great!

Happy New Year!

Dear Families!

Happy New Year to all of you.  It is so great to be back at school.  I hope everyone had a fantastic, safe and healthy break.  It’s hard to believe that we are almost half way through the school year. YIKES – how quickly it is growing and how fast your children are growing up.  I hope you enjoy the pictures that I took today of the class doing a science experiment.

img_2240 img_2241 img_2242 img_2243 img_2244 img_2245

Looking ahead:  No school – Monday and Tuesday – January 16 and 17

MAP Testing:  Wednesday, January 25 (Math) 8:30 – 10:30 and Friday, January 27 (Reading) 8:30 – 10:30.

Read-a-thon is currently going on.  I encourage all students to participate.

Report cards will go out the week of January 30.

Please remember to have your child prepared to go outside for recess and gym – weather permitting.

Happy New Year!


It Has Been A Great Year!

Looking back at the year I can’t help but think of all the fun that we had in Room 32.  The children have matured, grown, and learned  new concepts.  It has been a wonderful year.  I truly wish you all a most fantastic and relaxing summer.  I look forward to seeing all the new THIRD GRADERS next year!

Thank you for everything you have done to make my year very special.  All of you have been wonderful.  I hope you enjoy the slideshows that I am attaching.  What amazing and great children you have!

Happy Spring!

Where is the time going?  It is already time for spring break.  The year is flying by and I am happy to report that the class is fantastic.  The biography projects were amazing.  I hope you enjoy the slide show.  Each child was an absolute star.  Thank you for your continued support!  We all learned so much.

Happy Spring Break to all!  Enjoy your time with your special child.

Writing Celebration!

Thank you so much for comlng to the Writing Celebration.  It meant so much to all of the children that you listened to their story.  They worked very hard on them.  Have a wonderful weekend!

We are off to an AMAZING year!

This class is wonderful!  We have had 2 fantastic and wonderful field trips.  We have/are establishing routines, introduced and are implementing the “Daily Four”, are working daily in Writing Workshop, and are becoming math wizards.  We respect each other and have fun at school.

Please enjoy the following slide shows of activities thus far this year!


I always encourage book reports.  Two are required per month and after 10 have been turned in there is a reward.  I know your children are reading every night.  Please encourage them to do a book report after each book read.

Thank you for signing (initialing) and looking at the Bravo Binders.  This is a daily check in for you and your child on homework and behavior.  Each morning I look to see if a parent has signed their child’s binder.  If so, the student will  receive a Good Behavior Award.  Please review your child’s homework with them. If you have a question about it, please let me know and I will address your concerns.

Thanks for a wonderful beginning to the school year!  Happy Fall~

Sara Bader



Room 32 Updates!

It’s hard to believe we are beginning the last six weeks of second grade!  As part of our math curriculum we have adopted a third grade unit from Investigations.  At the present time, we are beginning Unit 3 – Collections and Travel Stories – Addition, Subtraction, and the Number System 2.  We will be adding and subtraction numbers up to 1,000 and of course solving many word problems!  Please enjoy the slideshow of the class sorting through some collection data!


Spring MAP testing will be next week – Tuesday, May 5, and Wednesday, May 6 in the morning.  We will begin at 8:30.  It is an un-timed test.  Please make sure your child is well-rested and has had a healthy breakfast.

Enjoy the wonderful weather this week!

Happy Spring!

I trust you all had a wonderful spring break.  I’m sure it was relaxing and beneficial to all. It was wonderful to see all of you at the conferences. Thank you for attending.

Please enjoy the following slideshow and pictures.  We have been very busy in the classroom and I want to share with you some of the wonderful activities we have been doing.

Reader’s Theater Action!

IMG_0364 IMG_0365 IMG_0366 IMG_0367


Art In Action Fun!

IMG_0435 IMG_0436 IMG_0437 IMG_0438 IMG_0439 IMG_0440 IMG_0441 IMG_0442 IMG_0443 IMG_0444

The weather is wonderful!  I hope it continues!  Happy Spring…