Last Blog of the Year!

Hello and welcome! This was a pretty fun week. I hope you enjoyed reading all are blogs that all the bloggers worked so hard on. Welcome to the last blog of the year.

The only unusual part of this week was this Friday. All though we had other exciting parts of the week, this was my personal favorite. Today was beach day. Some of are fellow classmates brought towels and sunglasses to enjoy the sun ( which there is not much of). Well anyways lets go onto science.

In science we had an awesome opportunity to work in Mrs. Anshell, Ms. Michael and Mr. Howe’s classes to work on other stuff in science. We just finished up in Ms. Michaels class and just headed over to Mr. Howe’s. We also had an awesome chance to clean out are fellow friends (frogs)  tanks. This was pretty awesome. I enjoyed cleaning them out but I do not know about other people.

In writing we are not doing anything exciting. We just finished are literary essay and know we are working on free write. To celebrate the end of the year, we wrote letters to Ms. Bierbower’s future class. We said stuff that we enjoyed this year, what we liked about Ms. Bierbower’s class, and what to look out for. 

In reading  We are finishing up Roald dahl . Today is the last day of assignments because this is our last day with computers.

With no computers 😭  and I have no clue what we are doing next week anyways let’s wrap it up.

Thank you so much for reading this reading this weeks blog. Thank you for tuning in. Enjoy and embrace this last blog. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 1st

Hi and welcome. This week was pretty awesome and Ayra and I (Eleni) are here to share it with you. Get ready because you are going on a wild ride.

One of the most exciting part of this week was the Olympics. It was on the 30th. We have not gotten are scores back yet but we are excited to see what’s going to turn out. Anyways let’s see what else we have in store for this week.

We also had a spirit assembly on Tuesday. It was pretty cool and awesome. Anyways let’s carry on with science .

In  science we got an awesome chance to use V.R glasses. It was pretty epic. Anyways we also got to feed and take care of the frogs.

In reading and Math we have the same old, same old stuff.

In writing we are finishing up are literary essays. We had an internet outage this week, so we are a day behind.

Thank you for tuning in to this weeks blog. Have a nice day!


Long Weekend!

Hi and welcome. This week was pretty awesome and full of surprises. Anyone wanna get started? No ok!

Anyways we had are World Change Fair on Monday. This was were we got to go into other classrooms to study things that we needed to change. On Monday we presented everything we learned. It was super cool!

On Tuesday we had the orchestra concert. We are so sad that Mrs. Nancy Magill is retiring. She was a great teacher. We will miss her.

In Science we have super exciting news! We got to study frogs. In the near future we are going to switch classes and experience other cool things. We are going to spend 12 days on this unit. But let’s carry on to reading.

Reading was not very exciting this week. We are still doing Roald Dahl. This is where we can read books at are own pace. All of the books are by Roald Dahl. Now let’s do Math.

In Math we started doing geometry. Right now in the great big world of geometry, we are doing angels. We are learning about how we can use angles in shapes.

We celebrated Eladi’s birthday today and her mom brought in watermelon!

Thank you for coming and listening to this weeks blog.😀

Happy Friday!

Hello and welcome! This week was pretty normal but lets carry on with the blog.

All parents, this monday ( 5/21/18) we are doing are world change fair. Get ready to learn loads and loads of information. But let’s carry on with the other parts of the week.

On monday we had the Reading map test and on Thursday we had the math map. There were about 50 or more questions in both reading and math map.

In reading we are working on our Roald  Dahl books. Outside in the hallway there are posters that are mereals of what happened every few chapters. It’s a very creative idea. But let’s get onto writing.

In writing we are trying to finish up are essays. If you didn’t know we are working on literary essays. We got to choose books and then write about them. No lets carry onto math!

In math we are still working on decimals. This is pretty easy because we studied fractions for a LONG time. Anyway, now let’s wrap it up.

Thank you for coming in and listening to this weeks blog. Tune in next week to learn more about Ms. Bierbowers  4th Grade Classroom.

This Week’s Blog

Hi and welcome to this weeks blog. It’s Eleni and Ayra here bringing you the weekly blog, so let’s get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

This Friday we celebrated David’s birthday. Happy Birthday! (Look down below for pictures)

This week we attended the 3rd grade performance. It was great! It brought back some memories for are kids who where here last year. Anyways let’s carry on with reading. (Look down below for pictures)

In reading we finished up the chris van allsburg project. Today we started doing Roald Dahl books including Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, The Bfg and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

In math we are still doing decimals. It’s pretty easy because we already studied fractions, and fractions and decimals a pretty similar.

In writing we are doing are literary essays. This is where we had to choose a book and study it, until we were able to write an essay it. It’s pretty easy because we have been doing essays a lot.

In social studies we are doing the current events project. We only three more days let to finish up are projects and then there is the world change fair.  

Thank you for tuning to this weeks blog! By!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

May the Fourth Be With You!

Hello, welcome to the weekly blog! It’s Eleni & Ayra here to bring you some exciting news. Get ready!

We celebrated the birthdays of Luke & Kennan. Kennan’s birthday was on Monday, and Luke’s was on Wednesday. Look down below for pictures!   ☟

In Reading finished  the chris Van Allsburg books. now we are recherching about Chris Van allsburg and making an ebook.   

 In writing we are collecting evidence for are literary essays. We are collecting quotes, micro stories, and other examples of evidence. Ok let’s get to math!

In math we started doing decimals this week.  

On Tuesday we got to attend the Suzuki Concert. It was fun to watch the students play. Anyway let’s wrap it up!

Thank you for joining us today. Bye! May the 4th be with you!

Funny Friday!

Hi, this is Eleni & Ayra back here with the weekly blog. A pretty normal week, but of course some excitement! Get ready because you are going on a wild ride!

On Wednesday we had the band concert. The fourth and fifth graders played some songs including Yankee Doodle and Liza Jane. Look down below for some pictures! ⇣

Another exciting part of the week was a visit from Maya’s Grandma. She talked about the Holocaust and how to be an upstander. It was pretty cool! It was an important lesson to learn. Anyway, let’s get onto math!

In math we are finishing up fractions! Next unit, we will be focusing on decimals. This will be a nice topic to finish up the year. Anyway, let’s carry on with some reading!

In reading this week we are almost finished up inferring with the Chris Van Allsburg books. I bet you heard about these from other bloggers. Anyway, let’s carry on to Social Studies!

Social Studies it really fun. We are still working on the cycle of change project, which is fun. With Ms. Anshell, we are working on unhealthy us. From what I know every teacher will start doing the actual project next week. Anyway, let’s wrap this up!

Thank you for tuning in on this blog. Eleni & Ayra……………….Out!  

Feels Like Spring!

Welcome to the blog. This was a pretty normal week here in Miss Bierbowers classroom. But keep reading so you can find the exciting part. This is Eleni & Ayra here bringing you the weekly blog!  Get ready!

This week we started something called the cycle of change project. This was where some of us switched classes to work with other teachers on either Unhealthy us, Technology, Animals or climate change. This is cool because you study your project, then you think of a solution, and you fix it! It’s really fun. Anyway we have other exciting news down here with Ayra!!

We had an author visit. Are author Candace Fleming, talked about her book while illustrator Erick Rohman, talked about illustrating for the book. They talked about this dog named Strongheart he was the first dog actor. Candace Fleming wrote a story about Strongheart who started off as a police dog, but then he became a famous actor!

In reading we are still working on inferencing using Chris Van Allsburg’s books. We’re almost done which is great!  Anyway, let’s get to writing!

In writing we are working on literary essays. We got to pick a picture book that we can do one on. It’s pretty fun!

Thank you for looking at this weeks blog! We enjoyed making it, and we hope to see you again next week! Thanks for hanging out with Ayra & I this blog! 👋

Happy Friday!

Hello and welcome to the weekly blog! If you are unaware it is Friday the 13th. But that’s ok! Anyway let’s carry on with a blog!  

If you did not know, this week was the choir concert. Our class attended it and we loved it. Some of the songs in the performance included a Beetle Medley & This Land is Your Land. We asked Miss Bierbower what her favorite song was and she said it was The Beetle Medley. Look down below for pictures!!

We finally finished the Parcc test! We finished on Wednesday. Every day after the Parcc test we either got free time or we got to go to the playground. It was really fun on Thursday because of the warm weather.

In reading, we are working on inferring using Chris Van Allsburg’s books! Some of those books including Probuditi, The Sweetest Fig, Ben’s Dream & The Wreck of the Zephyr.

In writing we are finishing up are informational books and posting it on our blogs. Next unit we will be learning Literary Essay

In math we are still working on fractions. We learned a how to add & subtract fractions. 

Way back before Winter break, we were working as a class fill up are candyland board and we did!  For are candyland prize we get to go to the I.T.C to watch a movie with Mrs. Hutchison.

Thank you for tuning in on this weeks blog! Have a great weekend! :) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy Friday!!

Hi! Welcome to the weekly blog for 4/6/2018! From now to the end of the school year you have us for  bloggers. This is Eleni and Arya bringing you this weeks blog! Here is Ayra with math!

In math we are doing fractions, adding and subtracting them.  Miss Bierbower is great at teaching us fractions.

In reading we are inferencing using Chris Van Allsburg books.

Right now in writing we are finishing up are American Revolution chapter books.

If you didn’t already know this and next week we are doing park testing. We finished all of are ELA tests. Today we also did are first math! We asked most of are class mates and they mostly said they didn’t like park. Also after Parcc we usually go outside and have extra recess!

On April 5th Clark turned 10. Happy B-Day Clark!