First Blog of 2018!

Hello! This is Alex and Maya bringing you this week’s news! Now we will start with Alex with Math!

In Math, we are reviewing area models and division with partial quotients. Now we are starting the algorithm. To learn more, click here. Now for Maya with In in reading.

In Reading, we are doing a Jackie Mitchell project. In case you don’t know who Jackie Mitchell. She is a female baseball player 17 years old who struck out the deadly twin Yankee Aces Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth. We have to read articles from old newspapers and describe the main idea, do character traits for Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Jackie Mitchell, and everybody else. Now both of us will do P.E.!

In P.E., we are starting our hockey unit. We are playing line hockey, which means a bunch of goalies stay behind a line while players shoot pucks at them. Or we just practice going from one side of the gym to the other side with a hockey stick and puck. Now for Alex with Social Studies.

In Social Studies, we are learning about the Civil War. So far, we have done the Constitution, slaves, and abolitionists. The war is about to start!

This is Alex and Maya signing off on the Weekly Blog! See you next time!

Last Blog of 2017!

Happy holidays! This is Alex and Maya bringing you this week’s news. Today is the last day of school before the winter break! Alex will kick off the news for you with Math!

In math, we are doing division (finally). We started with inefficient visual models and now are on area models. Hopefully we will get on to the algorithm soon. 

In writing, we are finishing our persuasive essays. We changed our personal essays into a similar topic. This new topic is also persuasive. Some of us (like me) did not turn our personal essays into persuasive ones but just chose another topic. We hope to finish today. Now onto Maya with Reading!

In reading, we are finishing our biography book reports. For example a few of our books that we are reading are who was george washington,” who was Queen elizabeth,who was king tut. and who was ulysses s. Grant.” now for alex with december to remember.

A few weeks ago, our class got a Candyland board with multiple tasks to do. We wrote a letter to one of Avoca’s Board Members, Mrs. Swibel, and she came in and read a book to us. We finished all of them and so we get a holiday reward. But Mrs. Hutchison, the principal, is sick and cannot tell us what our reward is because she is the only one that knows. Also, the Student Ambassadors came up with School Spirit Days. This is when people wear different clothing each day to show school spirit. We came up with Monday being a Pajama Day, Tuesday was a Crazy Hat or Hair Day, Wednesday was Wacky Wear, Thursday was a Sports Day, and today is a Holiday Wear Day. Now for Maya with a special story.

Today is our Winter Party. We celebrate the end of school by having a big party with games, talking freedom, and SNACKS!

Happy Friday!

Hello, parents and teachers of Avoca West! This is Alex and Maya bringing you this week’s news! There is news from Reading, Writing, and Music. Also, there was an orchestra concert (Alex played in it) and a Skype presentation about the Grand Canyon.

The Avoca West Orchestra Concert was yesterday on the 14th. The orchestras performed 6 songs. The bigger orchestra had two songs to play. The first one was a finale from a Tchaikovsky piece. (Yes, the performance started with a finale movement.) The second one was a modern song called “You Rock” and sounded more jazzy. The smaller orchestra (the one I am in) had three songs. The first one was called “Intrada”. It is a rhythmic piece of music that has constantly changing time meters. (Intrada is a better beginning than Finale.) Our second song was called Gagliarda. (Some find it hard to pronounce it, so it is also known as “Gag”, or “Gagli Bla-bla”.) It is a classical song with a lot of short solos and a lot of soloists. (Myself included.) Our final song was another modern one about the Carpathia, the ship that saved 706 people from the Titanic accident. It was very energetic and fun to play. We also had 3 percussionists playing different instruments: The triangle, the brake drum, and the tambourine. There was a final song called Rock the Halls with both orchestras playing, and then the concert was over. Now on to Maya with writing.

In writing we are turning our personal essays into persuasive ones. For example if I were to say my dad is my most important teacher than I would change it to parents are very important teachers, or I would change it to dads are very important teachers.

There was a Skype presentation about the Grand Canyon and its ecosystems. Before the presentation, we made posters about the ecosystems. The poster includes the elevation, precipitation, two common plants, two common animals, and a drawing. That is all we did. Now on to Maya with math!

In math we are still doing DreamBox. In case you haven’t heard what DreamBox is it is a program were they put you on your math level and you work on different assignments like addition algorithm, fractions, subtraction algorithm, multiplication, or/ and division. There are also badges, personalization, or collections/ goals. When we work with Ms. Bierbower we are working on division.

This is Alex and Maya signing off the Weekly Blog! See you next week!



Hello, parents, teachers, and students of Avoca West! This is Alex and Maya bringing you this week’s news. We will tell you about all the subjects we have, along with other things. Maya will start us off with writing.

In writing, we are doing something called “Boxes and Bullets Organization.” It means we  have to write about a topic [ thesis statement] and show evidence. For example, if my thesis statement was that my family is the best, then I would tell a mini story to support my thesis statement. If I said my family is the best because they love their job, it would not make sense because how does that show that they are the best to me? What would make sense would be “my family works hard to make me have a good life.” Now for Alex with reading.

In reading, we started biography book clubs. This means we have to fill out answers to some questions, character traits, a timeline, and obstacle and solution. (Obstacle and Solution is you identify an obstacle and the person’s solution, then you write why it was important and how it connects. We are still reading, doing word study, and using Raz-Plus. (To know more about Raz-Plus, look at blog #5. Now get ready for Maya with this month’s Number Corner!

In Number Corner, we have shapes. Number Corner works like this. Clark, our Number Corner assistant, flips over a Number Corner card. We all record the date, number of sides, perimeter, area, if it has lines) of symmetry, parallel sides, and if it has perpendicular sides. Now on to Alex with math!

In math, we continued DreamBox and Rolling for Products. Some learned the algorithm, (some of us knew it already) and we are starting division. Now both of us will do science!

In science, we are working with electromagnets. Electromagnets are just like permanent magnets except you can easily reverse the polarity, can change the strength by changing the amount of electricity flowing through, and you can turn them off. For more about electromagnets visit this:Electromagnet – Wikipedia.

At school, we are trying to make this month a December to Remember. This is how it works. We get a CandyLand-style sheet of paper. There are things to do on the sheet. If the class completes everything to do on the the sheet, they get some fun time at school.


This is Alex and Maya signing off on the Weekly Blog! See you next week!

Happy December!

Hello, parents and teachers and students of Avoca West! We are Alex and Maya bringing you this class’s news! We are new writers of the blog. Maya will tell you how we do reading.

Thanks Alex! In reading, we work on reading skills, like sequencing, or inferencing. We do reading rotations, for example, when one group is reading, one group is writing. When one group is practicing reading skills, another is practicing word study. Word study is a thing that we do to expand our vocabulary. We get our words for two weeks, we have to sort them into categories, and at the end of two weeks, we get our assessment. Today is assessment day. Now we’ll have Alex with math.

In math, we started a new program. It is called DreamBox learning. On DreamBox, we have different tasks to do and different levels of those tasks to do it. All you have to do is complete the easier ones to get to the hard ones. It’s pretty easy. DreamBox is not as fun as Khan Academy, another math program, but it is pretty good. In maya’s opinion dreambox is better but everyone is different. We are also learning multiplication. This week we practiced 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication.

We also learned a new math game called Rolling for Products. In the game, we roll a die, multiply 4-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers, add them up, check them, flip a coin, and WIN or lose. Yep, it is that simple. Now Maya will tell you about science!

Thank you, Alex! In science we are doing circuits. For example a simple circuit is a circuit with a mini light bulb in the middle,  two wires connect to the battery on the left. And a parallel circuit is the same thing just 2 light bulbs, 2 batteries, and 4 wires. You can keep on adding supplies to get bigger and bigger circuits. and Now onto Alex with writing. We created quiz boards this week and used a circuit to take the quizzes. If we answered correctly, the bulb lit up! Check out the pictures below.

In writing, we are doing essays about something we care about. Here is a link to an example for what we are doing.  Now onto Maya with new jobs.

Thank you Alex, now our whole class got new jobs. We changed jobs on 11/30/17.

Thank you very much for reading the weekly blog. Hope you enjoyed and have a nice weekend and New Year!! (Soon.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello parents, teachers and students of district 37! this is clark and mika here with the blog of the week, with yet ANOTHER special category for, drumroll 🥁please….BUM, BUM, BUM, BUM TSSSS… The upcoming THANKSGIVING BREAK!🦃 Also Richard’s birthday!🎂🎉Now to Clark   with writing!       

In writing, we have just been free writing mostly for our essay unit, but today, we are writing what we are thankful for! Now to Mika with math!

In math we switched math groups and we did something fun this week we drew on the tables! We practiced using area models to solve multiplication problems. That was really fun. Now onto Clark with science!

In science, we figured out circuit puzzles! There were A, B, C, and D, and we had to figure out which combinations lit up the light bulb! Now to Mika with reading!

In reading we are doing reading rotations again! Now onto Clark with a special birthday!

Richard recently had his birthday! He brought apple slices! Now to Mika with the upcoming break!

Next week we have a thanksgiving break! But sorry teachers you have to come on Monday and Tuesday!

Well, that’s our week!  this is clark and mika signing of on the weekly blog until next time ………                            🦃    😉 bye! (;  

First Snowy Friday

Hello parents, teachers and students of district 37 this is clark and mika here with the blog of the week. We have a special category for the veterans day breakfast! Now we have Clark with reading!

In reading we started our book posters and book reviews! We all, (except the group reading Chains,) finished our books! Now to Mika with math!

In math we learned a new game called multiple turnover and we are still doing rotations with factors and multiples. Now onto Clark with writing!

In writing, we had our celebration on Monday and we started our essay writing! Now to Mika with science!

In science we are trying to do a 3 bulb parallel circuit and drawing diagrams in our notebooks.  Now onto with the Veterans day breakfast!

Earlier today, was the veterans day breakfast. I was running the blue table in the corner. Lot’s of veterans and their families showed up, plus we got to eat the leftovers in the end!

Well, that’s our week!  this is clark and mika signing of on the weekly blog until next time ………                           

🐣     😉 bye! (;      

Halloween Week!

Hello parents, teachers and students of district 37 this is clark and mika here with the blog of the week (and last week).

Here are some pictures from Halloween!

In math, we are starting factors and multiples  in our groups and by the way we are still doing math rotations. In math, we learned about a new game called Small Array Big Array! It’s a game where you use a lot of small arrays  to fill in a big array, for example,

If you are doing an array with 8×3, if you put a 8×2 and your  opponent put a 1×8, then your opponent would get the card. Now to Mika with reading!

In reading we are nearing the end to book clubs and are going to go back to rotations after. Now onto Clark with Writing!

In writing, today, friday the 3rd, is our deadline. Everybody’s finished with their stories! Now to Mika with science!

In social studies, we took our test to end the unit! I bet everyone passed! In Social Studies … oh wait it’s science today!  We just started science by trying to light up  bulbs.

We had a safari online expedition in our classrooms and we got to ask the people leading the expedition questions it was so much fun!

Parent teacher conferences were last week,our parents came in and learned  what we are learning and how we behaved.

Last week we did morning announcements for the school Ayra, Arseniy, Ryan, Alex, David, Jeny, Wilhelm, Eleni, Maya, Daniel, Avery, Eladi, Margot, Alex.M, Jacob, Jonah, Julia and Mika did the announcements. now onto the outro!

Well, that’s our week!  this is clark and mika signing of on the weekly blog until next time ………                            🐣     😉 bye! (;  

Happy Friday!

Hello parents,teachers and students of district 37 this is Clark and Mika here with the blog of the week This week is safety week!But first let’s acknowledge the sad event about the cubs!😿. But on the bright side we have EXCLUSIVE sections for Jacob’s birthday,Drills, SUSHI! And Fire safety! Now onto Mika with math!


In math, we finished up place value and we are still doing math rotations. Now on to Clark with Social Studies


In Social studies, we started doing Revolutionary-BINGO! It’s where she says a fact about a spot on our bingo board, and you have to guess the spot. If you get 5 spots in a row, you get a bingo! An assessment is later today. Now to Mika with reading!


In reading,we are still doing book clubs now onto Clark with writing!


In writing, almost everybody is finishing their story! We are starting the tricky part; the ending.


This week we did the tornado , lockdown  and the fire drill, we practiced going into our hiding place and waiting there on Monday. On Tuesday we practiced the fire and tornado drill,we evacuated at a level 0 for the  fire drill. For the tornado drill we put our heads on our locker and we put our  


A few days ago, a fireman came to talk to every classroom about fire safety. He taught us that if the fire is small, then get out while you can. Here’s a fact: When a fire ignites, it only takes 90 SECONDS for it to become big. So take one or two things, and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! Now to Mika with Jacob’s birthday.

Today it’s Jacob’s birthday!🎂🎉Woo hoo we celebrated after Reading with Fruit! Now on to Clark with….. 🍣 SUSHI!

Today, in the cafeteria, there’s everyone’s FAVORITE meal… SUSHI! Last time, for the fourth grade, there was the saddest event of the century.😰 There was no more sushi in the cafeteria. But now, we are insured by our fellow lunch ladies that we will have enough sushi to feed the sushi-hungry kids in the cafeteria. Thank you for listening to this tragic story.


– Wednesday, October 25- Half Day/Conferences
– Thursday, October 26- Half Day/Conferences
– Friday, October 27- Teacher Institute Day/No School
– Tuesday, October 31- Halloween Parade and Party

Well, that’s our week!  This is Clark and Mika signing of on the weekly blog until next time ………

                          🐣     😉 BYE! (;

Happy Friday!

Hello parents, teachers, and students of District 37 This is Clark and Mika here with the blog of the week. This week is very eventful! We have EXCLUSIVE sections for Battle Of The Books, Dusti Bowling’s author visit, and Ayra’s birthday!


This week in math we changed groups for math rotations and we are learning about the numbers in their different forms. Standard form, expanded form and word form. Now onto Clark with Social Studies.


In Social  studies, we did an experiment! We did an ultimate tug-of-war between Britain, (the red team,) America, (the Blue team,) and France. (the white team.) Britain had more soldiers, (people) but France (white) allied with America (blue) and won the war! Now to Mika with reading!

In reading we started Historical˙Fiction book clubs and we took a break from rotations. Now onto Clark with Writing


In writing, we’re learning about the endings! You have to write out more than one, then pick the one best for your story! Now hear about Dusti Bowling with me!


earlier today, we had author Dusti Bowling visit us to talk about her career as a writer and her book ‘Insignificant Events In The Life Of A Cactus’ about a girl named Avan who was born with no arms! Now to Mika with Battle Of The Books!

B.O.T.B This week we heard from GPL (GLenview Public Library) that we can do battle of the books and here’s how it works you form a team of up to 4 people and you divide the books read them and at the end you answer a quiz and earn a pizza party! Now for someone’s special day…..Ayra’s birthday!



Ayra’s birthday was on Wednesday! She passed out halloween gift bags full of slime, eyeball glasses, eyeballs, and spider rings! Plus some delicious fruit!

Well, that’s our week!   This is Clark and Mika signing of on the weekly blog   until next time ………


😉 BYE! (;