5-18-2017 Board of Education Meeting

May 18, 2017, 6:30 p.m.
Marie Murphy, Gymnasium & Joseph M. Porto Community Room
2921 Illinois Road, Wilmette, IL

I. Call Meeting to Order*
II. Student Recognition Ceremony
III. Additional Items to be Placed on the Agenda
IV. Visitors’ Comments
V. Consent Agenda*
     A. Approval of Minutes
          1. Special Organizational Board of Education Meeting- April 27, 2017
           CONSENT-Minutes-BOE-Special Organization Meeting-04-27-17
          2. Board of Education Minutes- April 27, 2017
           CONSENT-Minutes-BOE Meeting-04-27-17
          3. Closed Session Minutes- April 27, 2017
     B. Approval of Treasurer’s Report
          1. Payroll and Bills
          CONSENT-Financial-Financial Statement- April 2017
          CONSENT-Financial-Investment Summary-April 2017
          CONSENT-Financial-Bond Issue Revenues & Expenditures-April 2017
          CONSENT-Financial-Bond Issue Summary-April 2017
          CONSENT-Financial-Revenue Report-April 2017
          CONSENT-Financial-Expenditure Report-April 2017
          CONSENT-Financial-Payroll-April 2017
          CONSENT-Financial-Fixed Charges-April 2017
          2. Financial Report
          CONSENT-Financial-Board Report-May 2017
     C. Approval of May Personnel Report
     D. Approval of April Enrollment Report
          CONSENT-Enrollment Report -May 2017
VI. Discussion Items
     A. Food Service Bid Recommendation
         DISCUSSION-Food Service Provider Recommendation
     B. Avoca Center Update
     C. 5Essentials Data
          DISCUSSION-2016-2017 5Essentials Data
VII. Visitors’ Comments
VIII. Action Items
     A. Approval of Math Curriculum Recommendation*
         ACTION-Math Curriculum Recommendation
     B. Approval of Communication and Engagement Recommendation*
         ACTION-Communication and Engagement Committee Recommendation
     C. Approval of Food Service Bid*
         ACTION-Food Service Provider Recommendation
     D. Approval of Summer Professional Hours*
         ACTION-Summer Professional Hours 2017
     E. Approval of Non-Union/Non-Certified Staff Salaries for 2017-2018*
         ACTION-Non-Certified Employee Salaries- 2017-2018
     F. Approval of Amendment to 2016-2018 Avoca West Principal Contract for 2017-2018*
        ACTION-Amendment to AW Principal Contract -2017-JH
        ACTION-2-Year AW Principal Contract 2016-2018 – JH
     G. Approval of Amendment to 2016-2018 Marie Murphy Principal Contract for 2017-2018*
         ACTION-Amendment to MM Principal Contract -2017-MP
         ACTION-2-Year MM Principal Contract 2016-2018- MP
     H. Approval of 3-Year Administrative Contract for Chief School Business Official*
         ACTION-3-Year CSBO Contract 2017-2020-BD
     I. Approval of 210-Day Administrative Contract for Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator*
         ACTION- 210-Day CIC Contract 2017-2018-JW
     J. Approval of 1-Year Administrative Contract for Director of Pupil Services*
        ACTION- Pupil Services Dir Contract 2017-2018 -TS
     K. Approval of DLA Architects, LTD. Memorandum of Understanding for Facilities Plan Update*
        ACTION-DLA MOU-Facilities Plan Update
     L. Approval of Transfer of Interest Income*
     M. Approval of Hunter House Rental Agreement*
        ACTION-Hunter House Renewal-5-18-2017
IX. Closed Session*
      A. The appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body, including hearing testimony on a complaint lodged against an employee of the public body or against legal counsel for the public body to determine its validity. 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(1).
X. Meeting Adjourns

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