6/21/12 – BOE Agenda


June 21, 2012
5:30 p.m.

Marie Murphy School
2921Illinois Road,Wilmette,IL

I.          Call Meeting to Order*

II.          Additional Items to be Placed on the Agenda

III.         Visitors’ Comments

IV.*      Consent Agenda
A.   Approval of Minutes
1.  Board Minutes – May 24, 2012
BOE-Minutes – 5-24-12
2.  Board Closed Minutes – May 24, 2012
B.   Approval of Treasurer’s Report
1.  Payroll and Bills
2. Financial Report
CONSENT-Board Report – June 2012
CONSENT-Expenditures – May 2012
CONSENT-Financial Statement – May 2012
CONSENT-Fixed Charges – May 2012
CONSENT-Investment Summary – May 2012
CONSENT-Payroll – May 2012
CONSENT-Revenues – May 2012
C.  Approval of May & June Enrollment Report
CONSENT-Enrollment Report – May 2012
CONSENT-Enrollment Report – June 2012
D.  Approval of June Personnel Report

V.        Discussion Items
A.  2011-2012 Avoca Food Services Report
DISCUSS-2011-2012 Avoca Food Services Report
B.  Review of 2011-2012 District Goal Completions
DISCUSS-2011-2012 District Goal Completions-Final
C.  Preliminary 2012 ISAT Results/Comparisons
D.  Preschool Budget Summary
DISCUSS-2011-2012 Preschool Budget Summary-Final
E.  FOIA Requests (2)
DISCUSS-FOIA Requests – June 2012

VI.        Visitors’ Comments

VII.       Action Items
A.  Adoption of Prevailing Wage Act Resolution*
ACTION-Wage Ordiance – 6-21-12
B.  Approval of 2012-2013 Arbor Management Price List*
ACTION-2012-2013 Arbor Mgmt Price List

VIII.      Closed Session
A.  Collective Bargaining Update and Discussion
B.  The appointment, employment, compensation, discipline,
performance or dismissal of specific employees of the
public body.

IX.        Action Item II
A.  Approval of 2012-2013 Salaries for Non-Union,
Non-Certified Personnel and Administrative Team.*

X.        Meeting Adjourns

*Requires Roll Call Vote

Avoca Wins Prestigious National Award in Technology

Avoca School District #37 was awarded a prestigious national award in May for its innovative use of educational technology throughout the entire organization. The National School Boards Association (NSBA) named Avoca a 2008 Technology Leadership Salute District; an award it bestows to only three school districts nationwide each year. Click Here for more information about the award.