Board of Education


Avoca Mission and Beliefs

The mission of Avoca School District 37
is to maximize the unique potential
of each child we serve.

We believe:

** Continuous improvement leads to sustained excellence

** All decisions must center on, “What is in the best interest of the children we serve?”

** We educate the whole child: cognitive, social, emotional, aesthetic and physical

** Children learn best when learning comes alive at the point of instruction

** Inclusive practices benefit all children


The Board’s priorities for students include:

  • Developing a spirit of inquiry and a respect for learning;
  • Acquiring essential knowledge in communication, arts, mathematics, science, and social studies;
  • Developing skills in critical thinking and problem solving;
  • Developing a receptivity to the arts and physical well-being through exposure and active participation;
  • Building an awareness of the environment and the means of conserving it for future generations;
  • Encouraging a conviction of personal worth, individual responsibility, and respect for each person’s contribution to society;
  • Creating an awareness of the peoples of other nations and the ability to adapt to a changing world.