December 2014

December in the A.C.P. brought with it a dramatic play bakery, candy cane science, holiday iPad games, several visits from Strawberry the elf, an indoor snowball fight, The Gingerbread Man story and activities, our first pajama day, and one winter celebration for all of our families. Please take a look at some of the fun we had this past month:



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November 2014

During November, we kept busy with visits from the Wilmette fire department, the Wilmette police department, and the Marie Murphy 8th grade Spanish students. We learned about dinosaurs, made our own scarecrows and celebrated Veteran’s Day by learning a flag song! To end the month, all of our families joined us for a special feast in the classroom and we ate many yummy Thanksgiving foods! Take a look at some pictures from November in the A.C.P.

AM Class:


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PM Class:


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September 2014

During our first month of school we have had so much fun! We learned all about our new classroom, our centers, using toy tickets and the class listening rules. We had a visit from the school nurse who taught us how to catch our coughs and sneezes in our arm and how to wash our hands along to the Happy Birthday song! We also worked hard making self portraits and meeting many new friends! Please enjoy some pictures from September in the A.C.P.

Our First Week!

It was so nice having all of the kids back at school this week! After their first full week of preschool, we interviewed them about what they liked best at school.Take a look at some of their favorite things:

Miles- “Cooking in the play kitchen.”

Kalifa- “The funny crayons and the scissors.” (Find “funny crayons” at

Seraphina- “Coloring stuff and play dough.”

Emma F.- “Play dough and the bouncy ball.”

Emma S.- “Building blocks and legos.”

Maggie- “Playing in the kitchen.”

Jackson- “Playing with cars and the school bus.”

Nate- “Playing cars and trains.”

Antonio- “Digging in the sand.”

Amelia- “Center time and drawing pictures.”

Johnny- “I like building jailhouses with legos.”

Eve- “I love everything and playing with kids.”

Sarah- “Eating animal crackers.”

Evi- “The play dough table.”

Riley- “Cooking the toy food.”

George- “Playing legos.”

Ariel- “Waiting for friends to come.”

Haley- “Making cookies with play dough.”

Sachi- “Eating goldfish.”

Ben- “Playing blocks.”

Sloane- “Playing in the kitchen.”

Emma W.- “Playing in the sand.”

Anika- “The dollhouse.”