Grade 4 Favorite Links

Google Docs

Election 2012

Dictionary of Idioms

Rhyming Dictionary



Mighty Jackie: Article

Mighty Jackie: Song

Poetry Idea Engine

Raksha Bandhan

Literary Doodle

Poetry Line Break Explorer

Giggle Poetry

Reading Strategies (Into the Book)

Ellis Island

The Angel Island Experience

Angel Island Stories

Angel Island Photo Gallery

Immigration Graphing Activity

Interactive Immigration Map

Reading Strategies

Myths, Fables, Legends, and Folktales


Language Arts

Wide World of Verbs

Verb Viper

Balloon Verbs

Irregular Verb Jeopardy

Grammar Blast

Prefix, Suffix, and Root Word Practice Games

Spelling Practice Games

Synonym and Antonym Games


Wordle: Word Clouds


Elapsed Time Website

Designs for Relief Housing

Aunty Math – Problem Solving

Net hangman

Test your multiplication table

Math Trainer (multiplication)

Decimal Square Games

Sudoku Funbrain

Cube Nets

Quia Elapsed Time Games (3)

Math Dictionary for Kids

Long Division Practice 1

Long Division Practice 2

Big Number Links

Algebra Manipulatives

Numbers and Operations Manipulatives

Geometry Manipulatives

Measurement Manipulatives

Data and Graphing Manipulatives

Data and Graphing Games

Decimals and Fractions

Basic Skills Practice



Math Quizes on Many Topics



Life in Denmark

International Space Station

Lunar Phases

Why is the sky blue?


Sound animations

Creature of Light exhibit at Field Museum

Light Reflection (interactive)

How the Eye Works

How Sunlight is Reflected and Absorbed

How Refraction Works

Food webs

Food Chains and Food Webs

Scholastic Science Explorations

Solar System Links

Laws of Motion Links

Simple Machines Links


Latitude and Longitude Links

Animal Camouflage

Social Studies

Reviewing the Sparks that Led to Revolutionary War

Jamestown Online Adventure

The Cycle of Change

Save the Bill of Rights Game

The Civil War Times

Comparing the North and South

Battles of the American Revolution

The Boston Tea Party

Slave Narratives from Federal Writers’ Project

Branches of Government

Loyalty or Liberty

Ideas that Changed the World

Mapping games

Latitude and Longitude game


Colonial America

The Underground Railroad

Presidential Kids

Lost in the White House

First Kids

Presidential Pets

American Revolution Illustrations

Save Our ConstitutionWebQuest

Regions Review Game

Tracking the Candidates

Articles of Confederation


Government in Greece and Rome

Encore Tech

Environmental Awareness Links

Archie Comics