Week of February 19th

Reading: In reading we are all reading historical fiction books about the Civil War. The books people are reading are Behind Rebel Lines, Bull Run, Joseph’s Choice, and Across Five Aprils.

Writing:In writing we are making a informational book on related to the Revolutionary War. We have to take notes and next week (Monday) We will begin to type it and it has to have 4 chapters. It will take a few weeks to write the  informational book on the Revolutionary War.  

Math: Over the last couple weeks we have been learning about fractions. We started by learning about equivalent fractions using fraction strips. We then moved to multiplying fractions by a whole number (¼ x 8) using repeated addition and fraction strips. Next, learned how to find fractions of whole number (what is ¼ of 12). Lastly, we connected the two concepts by showing that you can find ¼ of 12 by multiplying 12 by ¼.

Social Studies:  So this week in social studies we learned about how Sherman and his troops marched from Atlanta to sea and destroyed everything in their way or in there path. General Lee had no choice but to surrender or everything else will be destroyed in the south. General Lee made a good decision and surrendered at Appomattox with his troops. We also learned about the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments.

Other: The fun fair is on Sunday, so be prepared! The fun fair has multiple different activities. Number 1 is the reptiles, so I hope you like frogs, lizards and snakes. Numero 2 is the magic show. The magic show will be similar to last year. A magician will come in and show us some cool magic. Abracadabra! The 3rd activity is paints. A tattoo artist and face painter will come in and give paints and tattoos (a little obvious, I know). 4th up is the carnival games. There will be games around the school, where you can play them and get prizes. The rest of them are: Teacher raffle, silent auction, balloon artist and a bouncy house. That’s them all.

Will, Alexandros, and Logan

Is it already February!?

Reading and Writing: In reading we are finishing Jackie Mitchell project. We took what we learned from the story of Jackie Mitchell and retold the story with a script. We created movies to tell the story. We finished our class read aloud story,The One and Only Ivan. We also did reading map test. We used our writing time to write our scripts for the Jackie Mitchell story.

Math: This week in math we started fractions and are changing classes in math. We switch to Michael, Anshell and some of us stay here. We learn about comparing fractions, adding them, and versatiles. Versatiles is this math game where you solve math problems to make a pattern.

Social Studies: In social studies this week we are learning about the civil war.  We had a rap battle like the ones from Hamilton. We did the 1860 election with candidates: John Bell, Abraham Lincoln,  Stephen Douglas, and John Breckinridge. Lincoln won the election.

Other: We did MAP testing this week. For map testing we had Reading MAP and Math MAP. Art in action is next week. Get ready for the Super Bowl! That’s it.  

January 19th

Math: In this week we finished our Multiplication and Division Unit. We had two different tests for those.  We had the division and Multiplication test and the another test over stuff we learned in the beginning of the unit, like factors, multiples, place value, etc. We were a bit rusty and we have not gotten our tests back.    

Reading: We did the reading tests to find out what our reading level is. We read books for each level. We also did the Jackie Mitchell project which we read articles and watched videos. We answered questions to go with them. There are nine assignments we have to do. It talks about her life and we read articles from her time. She struck Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in seven pitches! She played with other people too. Dazzy Vance taught her. That’s all I have to report.

Social Studies: We talked about how slaves had to be out in the hot sun picking cotton and inside cleaning it. Henry Clay of Kentucky suggested a compromise, Missouri would become a slave state, while Maine would become a free state. Kansas and Nebraska were preparing to become states. We also discussed the differences between the north and the south and how this lead to the Civil War.

Other: This week we had we had the 4th grade concert. Remember, the family night form is due next week, January 26th.

Dane, Rowan, and Atreyo

Happy New Year!

Reading: In reading we began a Primary Source research project on Jackie Mitchell Jackie Mitchell was a woman that struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. We were reading news articles about that time. when Jackie was young, boys on her street said girls can’t play ball because “they are too delicate,” But Jackie got on a team and her team was versing The New York Yankees. Also during this week Mr.Howe is testing us on our reading level. When we got to one point we could either read out loud or in our head. At the end he would ask us questions about the book.   

Writing: This week for writing, we made New Year’s resolutions for inside the classroom and out of the classroom. We also wrote about our most memorable moment in 2017 and we also wrote about the number one thing we are proud of accomplishing. We also began our new writing unit, Informational Writing.

Math: This week, we have a new number corner, it is on polygons. We have been reviewing our partial products and quotients for multiplication and division. There is also a math project, where we planned a family outing. For this project we searched three of the following list, zoos, museums, parks, etc. then we added up all the money to see what it would cost for our family to go there. This involved the addition and multiplication. After that we did a comparison to the 3 things, the comparison was on bar graphs. The bar graphs were on big paper and we researched on regular paper.

Social Studies: This week we started our next social studies unit, The Civil War. We started the unit by reviewing where we left off with the American Revolution, the Constitution and the structure of our government. Next, we learned about slave revolts, the underground railroad, and famous abolitionists. The abolitionists that we learned about were Sojourner Truth, Nat Turner, Frederick Douglas.

Other: Just a reminder that the 4th grade general music performance takes place on Thursday, January 18 at 6:00 p.m.  Students are asked to meet in their classroom at 5:45 p.m.  Supervision will not be available before then.

Drew, Ruth, and Alexandros


Week of December 4th

Reading: This week in reading we read biographies. We split up in groups as usual and we do special activities like character traits and determining importance (noodles).    

Writing: In writing we are doing boxes and bullets. Boxes and bullets is essay structure. A box would be the title. The bullets would be supporting ideas. This is a thesis statement about ice cream: ice cream  is the best dessert because it comes in many ways to eat and most of all it is refreshing!

Science: We have been interested in electromagnets, we wrapped wire around metal rod to make it. When you connect the circuit the rod become magnetized. The challege was to pick up as many washers as possible. A lot of washers were picked up. Batteries powered them, it worked by the study of electricity and magnetism, which is also our project, most of them failed because of wires.

Math: This week in math we finished our multiplication unit and we started division. We all did long division but we first did subtraction. Like the equation 574-352. You line them up and start in the 1’s place. So you minus 4 from 2. But you can’t do that so go to the tens place and cross off the 70 and make it 60. Then add that 10 in front of the 2 that make it 12. That is called regrouping. Then minus 6 from 5 . But you still can’t do that. So go to the 100’s place and make the 500 200.and and put that 100 in front of the 50. That makes it 150.  So now it makes sense. Once we all had an understanding of division we moved to division.

Other: Our school started a program called December to Remember. We do stuff. We did some stuff like spelling out a word with our bodies. We spelled, “December”. We also have to put food in the food pantry. We also have to do random acts of kindness. We wrote letters to our families telling them why we appreciate them. We also invited a school board member to our room to do read aloud. We chose Charlie’s mom. After we finish all of the challenges we win a prize!     

Pictures from December to Remember

Spell a winter word with your bodies. We spelled, “December”.

Invite a School Board Member to read to the class. Thank you, Mrs. Taylor!

Do something nice for the cafeteria. We made this poster of personified foods on a lunch tray to hang on the wall!


First week of November!


In reading this week we started a nonfiction unit. We are reading the book “Magnetism and Electricity” by FOSS Science Stories for our first nonfiction book. We learned about text features and how they can help us with comprehension. Some text features are Table of Contents, Glossary, photos with captions, and diagrams. 


In writing we are working hard to finish our realistic fiction stories. We are also peer editing each other’s stories. We learned some of the different editing marks.


In math we started to learn about word problem structures. We learned how to find if it is an unknown product, unknown number of groups, or a unknown number problem in each group. We also learned how to find the greatest common factor. We solved exemplars using greatest common factors.


We started our first science unit of the year, electricity. In science we learned how to make a parallel circuit and a series circuit with batteries, wires, light bulbs, and switches. We had partners to do this. My favorite part about doing this was Mr. Howe telling us to do challenge problems for electricity.


We had two half days and Friday off last week. This week it was the week of Halloween and we had a Halloween par-tay, parade, and…CANDY. We also had to give Mr. Howe two pieces of candy:)      

Week of October 16th


We are finishing our Historical fiction books that help us learn more about the Revolutionary War. In our groups, we are learning with character traits and developing characters, and we have improved on our realistic Fiction books. We have also had an author visit to improve the realistic fiction. The visit told us it is hard to make a good published book the first time.


This week in writing we are continuing doing our realistic fiction books.  We have been conferencing with Mr.Howe to make sure we are using dialogue in the correct way. So we can not just keep saying said every time.   


This week in math we found strategies to find factors of numbers. We also  discussed the differences between multiples and factors. We also continued working with prime numbers, composite numbers, equivalent factors.

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies we compared and contrasted the two armies in the American Revolution: The Continental Army and The British Army. We studied the challenges they faced, the generals they had, the way they wanted the wanted the war to end, and more.


We had an author visit from Dusti Bowling and she told us about her book: The Insignificant Events In The Life Of A Cactus. We also took class photos and had some people retake theirs. Today we are celebrating our party because we emptied our jar of warm and fuzzies. We also did a lockdown drill, tornado drill, and fire drill.

Logan, Hudson, Drew, William

October 13th Updates!


In reading we finished the book Mr. Lemoncello’s Library and started Phantom Tollbooth. Phantom Tollbooth is about a boy named Milo meeting a watchdog named Tick.Tick told the story of how his mom and dad called him Tick and his mom named his brother Tock but Tock made ticking noises and Tick made clicking noises.Then Tick and Milo stumbled across a land called Dictionopolis.

In historical fiction we are reading about the Revolutionary War. We met in our book clubs to relate what happens in the book with what we learned in class. Two groups are went back in time. The other two groups went back in time to the war. Each group did two chapters.


In writing we started planning out our story plot’s and developing characters. In  developing characters we had to fill out what were the characters appearances, and their personality. When we were finished with our Story Plot and Character Developing, we started our introductions to our stories. Lastly, we learned about the correct ways to use dialogue in writing.  


In math we learned about prime numbers. Prime numbers are numbers that  only have 2 factors, one and itself. An example is 17. The only way to have an array with it is 17 by 1. A composite number is a number with more than two factors, like 40. It has at more than 2 factors in it. We also learned the difference between standard, word form, and expanded form. That is what we learned in math this week.

Social Studies

This week in social studies we learned about Valley Forge, Guerilla  Warfare, and the battle of Saratoga. Gorilla warfare was when soldiers would go up into trees and other hiding places and shooting down. Valley Forge was not a battle, it was a place. It is where the patriots were in the winter of 1777. It was really cold in Valley Forge.This general named Frederick Von Steuben walked up to their campsite saw a bunch of tents scattered around. Frederick Von Steuben taught the soldiers a lot. He taught them to march in a line and he taught them to load their muskets and fire them. The Battle of Saratoga was a turning point in the war..In the Battle of Saratoga the Patriots were really confident that they could beat the British. So that proved to the French that they could beat the British. So the French joined Patriots side.


Today we had an author visit by Dusti Bowling. Dusti told us about her new book called Insignificant Life of a Cactus. Also, Glenview Library came to our school to tell us about battle of the books. Last, we emptied the warm and fuzzy jar so we earned a party!

Lucas, Lily, Lucie, Ruth

Week of October 2nd

Reading: We finished our read aloud book, Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library. We started Phantom Tollbooth for our next read aloud. This week we started historical fictions book clubs. All of the books we are reading involve the American Revolution.  The books we are reading are My Brother Sam is Dead, Back in Time with Benjamin Franklin, Secret Soldier, and Spy in the King’s Colony.

Writing: This week in writing we started to write our introduction for are realistic fiction . We did our story arch for our story. A story arch is a plot for your story that describes shortly what your story is about. Today we started to learn about dialogue and quotations and got a packet to help us understand better. We also made a graphic organizer to represent our characters. What their person feels like, what the character’s personality is, what they look like, what motivates them, and the struggles that they face in your story.

Math: We finished our first topic in math (multiplicative comparison and models for multiplication) and moved to are second topic ( place value)  We learned a new game called Dragons Gold to practice multiplicative comparison. We also learned a new version of the card card “Spoons”. You have to match standard form, expanded form, and the word form.

Social Studies/Science:We learned about Lexington and Concord. It’s about a small fight in the villages of Lexington and Concord. We read the poem The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. We started listening to parts of Hamilton. The songs we listened to was You’ll be back, My shot and Farmer Refuted. You’ll be back is about the King being upset with the colonists. My Shot is a biography of Hamilton’s life. Farmer Refuted is a song about the differences between Patriots and Loyalist.

Other: It finally got cool in our classroom! No school on Monday!!!

Aditya, Atreyo, Alexander, and Ander

Week of September 18th


This week in reading we went to Newsela and read articles about the 13 colonies and Hurricane Irma. We also continued learning about main ideas and supporting details. And Mr.Howe is reading aloud Mr. Lemoncello’s Library.


This week in Writing we started our unit about Realistic Fiction. We discussed the importance of the prewriting process and began brainstorming about writing topics. On Friday we did “Free-Write Friday” where we created a story that matched a picture from Chris Van Allsburg’s book, The Mysteries of Harris Burdick.


This week in math we learned about multiplicative comparison. Multiplicative comparison are word problems that include “times as many”. We also learned about models for multiplication. Models for multiplication are bar models, open number lines, ratio tables, and array models. We also learned a new math game called Multi-Links.

Social Studies

This week in social studies we had a “field trip” in Skype with the people from the Boston Tea Party, Ships & Museum. In Skype we learned about the Boston Tea Party. In class we learned about the French Indian war. We also learned about taxes and Taxes Without Representation.  

On Monday we had picture day. We got a new picture company so our pictures will look a little different. Their will be no group photo because the picture company will make a collage. We also got a couch in our classroom. YAY!!!!!

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