October 11th update!


It’s a quick week here at Avoca West.  Hopefully everyone had a nice 3 day weekend.  Reminder, no school tomorrow for Yom Kippur.

Reading– We are working on learning 2 new Notice and Note Signposts, Tough questions and words of the wiser, this week.  We will be meeting with small groups to practice finding these signposts in texts.

We have also been practicing writing Book Blurbers step by step so students will be ready to write one independently at the end of October!

Writing– Students have been working hard on their narrative writing.  This week we will be working on Revising and Editing to hopefully be prepared for our writing celebration very soon!  They have some wonderful stories!

Science– Is done for now!!

Social Studies– We are starting our first Social Studies unit of the year.  Students are exploring Geography books and then will be diving into economic systems and the Industrial Revolution.  It is a fabulous unit that all the students will learn lots from.

Math– Students will continue to explore using the formulas to find volume.


Student Blogger- Amy Z. Post from 9/30

This week was a ton of fun! We got to do an awesome experiment with flubber. We make them and describe how each one feels. Then came the best part! we get to take the flubber home! Everyone was so happy. On Friday there was a math test for Mrs. Wieszcholek’s and Mrs.Marinacci’s math class. That All for the week!!

End of September Updates and Photos!


It has been a busy September and will be an even busier October.

Science: We have been doing lots of experiments to better understand properties of matter, physical and chemical changes, the law of the conservation of matter and more!  We will be wrapping up the unit with an assessment next Wednesday, October 5th.  Students will have a study guide to help them study and prepare.

Writing:  Narrative writing is in full swing.  Students have chosen their small moment story.  They have been working to create a story arch to help them guide their writing and thinking about what their story is really about.  We will be working to edit and revise our piece so we will be ready for our writing celebration in the near future.

Reading:  We are getting into our Daily 2 routines.  Students are doing a great job using their time wisely working on either Reading to Self, Working on Writing or Word Work.  I have the opportunity to meet with small groups daily.  We are talking about reacting to text, character traits, plot diagraming and our new Notice and Note strategy looking for Contrast and Contradictions.

Math: Unit 1 is wrapping up. Students have learned to multiple strategies to multiply and the partial quotient strategy for division. Our next unit will be to explore finding volume.

  • Important Dates:
    • October 3: No School- Rosh Hashanah
    • October 10: No School- Columbus Day
    • October 12: No School- Yom Kippur
    • October 19 & 20: Parent Teacher Conferences
    • October 21: Teacher Institute Day


Change Matters (observing physical and chemical changes)

 Is ice melting a chemical or physical change? What about mixing baking soda and vinegar?

img_6067 img_6069

Glubber/Flubber Product Testing

We made 3 different versions and then put them through a variety of tests to decide which is the best.

img_6070 img_6077 img_6074 img_6071 img_6076 img_6075

5C Happenings

Hello, Hello!  Here are a few quick updates from 5C!

Remember for more pictures and regular updates, sign up and check our our Class Dojo story!

  • Reading- We are practicing reacting to reading, so ask your student to see what some of the comments they have written on their post it notes are!
  • Writing- The narrative unit is in full swing and we are coming up with various strategies for generating personal narratives.  Students will be choosing a favorite small moment to turn into their final product.
  • Science- We are into the Matter unit and doing lots of fun experiments to learn about measuring matter and the properties of matter.
  • Math- Students are practicing multiple ways to multiply and will be diving into dividing.
  • Words their Way- Groups started today.  You should see students practicing sorting and spelling their words at home to be ready for the assessment on Friday!

The year is off to a great start!  Please remember to reach out if you ever have questions or concerns!  Go Bears! Bring on the fall weather and football fun!imgres-1

Student Blogger Update!

Read the blog update from our guest blogger Laura from last week:
This week all the 5th graders had fun in science. We all did tests in our science unit… MATTER. Also this week was picture day for all the students. All of them wore nice clothes for their yearbook picture. On the other hand all the class has been writing small moment stories from their life that they can make very interesting. We all had a good week in Mrs. Wieszcholek’s class.

Student Bloggers :)

Here are some updates from wonderful student bloggers!

Tysan:   The first week of school was awesome we get to have P.E. in the morning. This week we made a time capsule and every day of the week we got to do a project to put in the time capsule . We were all got are own computers and youtube is unblocked. we also get to do work on the computer for the first time!

Sawyer:   Yesterday we had map testing I hope you did well! personally I think I did great. We skipped actual math class. Some people where happy some weren’t I was happy because we did science instead. That’s all that was new bye!

Lisa:   Dear Families in the beginning of the school year we made cool pennants. We put our name on them and the we decorated them. All of the pennants look grate! I am very exited to see how the rest of the school year will turn out to be and I hope that all of the students have fun and learn a lot this year!

Atharva:   In Mrs. W’s class we are learning about matter. We have made 2 small little books that are about matter & tell us how to get the volume & mass of any object.(They are not written by us.)

We are also making lists in our writer’s notebooks. They are lists of ideas we could write stories about. Names of lists could be: Things I Like, Things I Hate, & Things That Make Me Bored.
A fun thing I remember was reading a trilogy of books with no words, only pictures. The books were Journey, Quest, & Return.(Return is red because that is the text color on the front cover. It’s only for return though.) Then we wrote a summary about the books.

Jojo: 5th grade is going well so far. We made these cool banners too! We also learned a lot about matter. Science was also very fun.

Faith: This is our third week of school? We didnt have school on monday because of labor day. School is fun so far.



September is here!


It was wonderful to meet so many parents at Parent Orientation last week!  I appreciate you taking the time to come.  I know I spoke really quickly, so please let me know if you have any questions about anything I went over.

Week 3 is off to a steamy start, but we are hanging in there.  We started our first Science lab today (picture on the Class Dojo Story!).  Students are learning about the properties of matter and how to measure them.  We are continuing to set up our Daily 3 class routines, building stamina and making the best decisions to make the most of our work time.  Students are MAP testing this week also.   It is a busy short week!

Remind your students to get involved!  Student Leadership Applications were sent home last week and are Due Friday!  They can apply to be Student Ambassadors, Helping Hands Ambassadors, Safety Patrol Ambassadors and/or Assembly Ambassadors. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Lastly, if you haven’t signed for our Class Dojo page, be sure to do so for picture updates and quick reminders!


Happy New School Year!!


We have made it through the first week and it was a great one!!  I have enjoyed getting to know the students so far.  It seems like a wonderful, curious and enthusiastic group!  We have worked hard to get routines down and are ready to start digging into our curriculum.  The students have made pennants that represent themselves, set goals for the year, worked on routines, started our first read aloud, set up Google Classroom, gotten their computers and lots more!

Some rules to remember with the laptops-

  • Laptops should be charged at home every night.  Students will not be able to charge laptops in school.
  • Only your student should be using their laptop.
  • Homework is assigned on the laptops many nights, but beyond using them for homework, it is up to the parent’s discretion how much students are allowed to use them otherwise.

I am looking forward to a great year!  Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime with questions, comments or concerns!  🙂

December 14th Update!

The Wax Museum was a wonderful success last Friday!  Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the students live in action. They did a such a great job.  I was very proud of their hard work!


Winter break is only one week away!  That is very hard to believe!!  We will still be busy this week.

Reading:  We will be working in Non-Fiction reading groups to read and discuss about various inventions.

Writing:  We will be posting lots of our previous writing projects to our blogs, having a writing celebration and writing letters to future 5th graders about preparing for the Wax Museum.

Math:  Fraction work continues.  We will be continuing to order fractions, find common denominators and add fractions.

Social Studies:  We will wrap up Industrial Revolution/Wax Museum and spend the week reading about, and analyzing pictures of Child Labor.  It is definitely an eye opening topic.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing winter break!!!

Wax Museum Information

I wanted to fill you all in on our progress for our Industrial Revolution Wax Museum project. Students have a few things they may want to finish up and/or begin working on over the break.
1) Their research should be mostly complete after today. This means they have read through their sources, flagged important details (that we discussed in class) and submitted the information into their note organizer in Google Classroom. They will have a small amount of time the Monday we return to finish this work. They have had quite a bit of classroom time to work on this, so should not have too much to complete over the long weekend. They may need a reminder to spend a little bit of time on this.
2) Students can begin brainstorming ideas and creating their button boxes, artifacts, and finding costumes for the Wax Museum exhibit on December 11th. I showed students several picture examples today, so they should come home inspired!
The button boxes are a creative button that people visiting the exhibit will press to bring the character to life. They should be decorated to represent the figure. I am sending home directions on this today and students brainstormed ideas in class.
The artifact is simply an object that represents the person that will be displayed during the presentations.
Finally, students will dress like their figure. I have encouraged students to think creatively about their costume and it does not need to be an expense.
The button boxes are due Wednesday, December 9th. The artifacts and the costumes can be brought to school the day of the Wax Museum on December 11th.
If you haven’t already, please mark your calendar for Friday, December 11th from 1:15-2:30 PM for our Industrial Revolution Wax Museum! The kids will be excited to show off all their hard work.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Please let me know of any questions!
IMG_1344 IMG_1339