Check out what’s new in KIDS class!

Some things we’ve been working on in KIDS class…


Dot paintings- we were inspired by Seurat’s pointillism style of painting!  We used the “dot dot dot” painting style with cotton swabs to fill our whole paper with beautiful colored dots! Students also got the chance to experiment with mixing colors and using their color-creations in their paintings.  These wonderful pieces of art are currently on display outside of the KIDS room.

Starlight Pumpkins- in celebration of the autumn season we have been working on nighttime pumpkin scenes.  We learned how to draw a realistic pumpkin, studying The students mixed primary colors (red and yellow) together to create a unique orange on their pumpkin!

Kandinsky Circles- this week we have been working to create paper versions of Kandinsky’s Circles.  Students were guided to think about patterns, the tie between colors and emotions, and purposeful use of space.  Students sharpened their cutting skills, tested out tracing shapes and practiced using complimentary and contrasting color schemes.  We will continue to work on these time consuming pieces into next week.


We’ve started to incorporate musical instruments (various percussion instruments) into our music classes!  The children have been working on tapping or shaking their instrument along with the beat of the songs.  Feel free to practice this at home whenever you can!


We have been reviewing beginning letter sounds for the letters m, n, t, r, d, c, s and p, and practicing sight words such as “like, go, at, to, my, the and a”.  This week we have been working on mastering the “at” word family words, rhyming words like cat, bat, fat and rat!


In Spanish we have been finding new ways to use our colors vocabulary words.  The kids enjoyed making our color word chains this week, many of which were taller than the kids themselves! We will continue reviewing body parts as well as parts of the face in Spanish!


We are working on recreating our starlight pumpkin art projects in KIDS Tech!  The students use the Tux Paint computer program along with the new skills they’ve been working on to recreate their nighttime pumpkin pictures.