Update From Our Class Bloggers!

This week we had a lot of drills the lockdown was on tuesday for a lockdown you hide behind the teacher’s desk  or around there because no one can see you from there they try to open the door for us we have two doors so they tried to open both doors you have to hide any where if you are in the bathroom you can hide anywhere.


Next we did a fire drill right after.   We had to get in a quiet line and go down the fourth and fifth grade hallway out to the front door.  Then we walked on the sidewalk to the kindergarten playground.  We had to stay there for a while before the principal told us we can come in our classroom.
On 10/19/17 a firefighter came to are school to talk about what’s important about having fire alarm.  He told us that you should always have one smoke detector on each floor and in your attic.  You should change your clock and change batteries in your smoke detectors.  

        Good fire                                       Bad fire


Cooking fire                                         forest fire

Candle fire                                           housefigher

Match Fire                                           Car fire

Exciting 4th Grade Events in Room 5!

On Monday we had a teacher from the Glenview Library to come in and talk about the Battle of the Books .  If you go to the end of this blog you can see where your parents can sign up for the   Battle of the Books.  If your parents have any questions of the Battle of the Books the link can answer all of your questions.  It will be fun for your children.  The battle of the books mite make your son/daughter be interested in books because they will have to read at least 6 books because there is 24 books in total and there can be 4 people per group. The least is 2 people per group.


The author of the Unfortunate Life of a Cactus by:  Dusti Bowling came friday october 13th. We will be having a great week. She talked about  how many times she could have gave up and did not. It was wonderful to have her. Thanks again  Mrs. Bowling!

Here is some more information about our week last week!

Encore Lit

What Mrs Bilcer likes about us

We are  curious learners

We ask great questions

We Keep  mrs bilcer on her toes

Make her laugh

 What Mrs. Bilcer thinks about greek myths  

The stories are fun interesting and wild

She really likes teaching us about how much Greek Mythology is in the world all around us.

Number Corner

When we were done with Encore Lit we did Number Corner.  We had a different pattern because it is a different month and a different day.   Right now we have on the first day a Dime and on the second we got a ten by ten array.  We all have different patterns that are in our heads at school.  One of our classmates that is in our class is Orion and he thinks that at the end of the week he will have seven ways of telling ten and the next week there will be a different number and that will show seven ways.  There are other people that said their patterns today but we decided to pick Orion.

Encore Tech

On Tuesday we did something cool in Encore Tech and it was GIMP.   We would take a picture and then we would cut it out and paste it on another picture that we wanted and then if you had another picture we would paste those two pictures onto that picture. It was super fun because Mr. Hoffheimer makes it fun.


We do centers

Read to self

Read to someone

Word work  

Realistic fiction




In art we are doing a rock garden in front of the school with Mrs. Scozia.  It will look cool with all of the students rocks.

About Our Classroom!

When you walk in Mrs. Anshell’s class you see on your right our art boxes with our numbers on them.  On your left you see some shelf that hold our pencils, post it notes, note cards, and expo markers.  When you look straight at the wall you see our library.  We have some good books that you might want to look at when you stay at our classroom.  


The jobs  that we have at Mrs.Anshells class are Line Leader which we have two of them and they are Gabriel and Aaliya, two Supply Coordinators which they are Brynn and Lucy, Pencil Sharpener Ben L, Errand Runner Orion, two Grime fighters Erik and Taki, two Bloggers Adam and Kiki, Energy Saver Danny, two Lunch Bunchers Daniel G and Teddy,  two librarians Ben D and Emmett, Admin Assistant Liam, Homework Checker Izzie, Sub Maggie, Trash Monitor Jacob, Scheduler Michael, and last but not least Caterer Meave.


When you keep on walking you see a table that includes Erik, Brynn, Michael, Ben D, Kiki and last but not least Adam.  If you look to your left you see 3 other tables but we are gonna talk about the table next to us.  The one that has five people and it’s by our book bins.  We have Daniel G, Teddy, Taki, Ben L, and Izzie.  Then we go to the table that has four people and there we have Orion, Gabriel, Lucy and Meave. Then the table next to them have Danny, Liam, Emmett, Aaliya, Maggie and Jacob.

Number corner
It is a new thing  in each classroom every grade does it. You match patterns in Mrs. Anshell’s class. We do ancient egypt numbers. We have a flip chart each day. We update the flip chart. 1 staff= 1, 1 heelbone =10, 1 scroll = 100,  we have 3 scrolls and and 8 staffs. The pattern is keep adding 11’s.  On the last day we got 3 scrolls and 3 heel bones.

Introduction to Our Bloggers!

Hi we are Kiki and Adam we are from Mrs. Anshells class.  This is her blog that she posts every week.  We will be helping Mrs. Anshell  post on her blog. We also just had Mr. Mockaitis. He is a professor  at DePaul university and he came for are social studies unit. He came  to talk about the stamp act boston tea party  french and indian war boston massacre and quartering act. This social studies unit is revolutionary war this unit is so fun!

Welcome Back!

How is it possible that summer vacation is already over?  Time really flies when you are having fun!  I hope everyone had a wonderful summer filled with tons of fun and relaxation.  I am looking forward to an exciting start to the school year in our newly remodeled classroom.  Everything is set up and ready for students to come in and enjoy the new space.  As I get to know your children and they get to know me we will be updating this blog to let you all know the exciting things happening in 4th Grade!  Stay tuned for classroom student bloggers to take over this site and give weekly updates on all our classroom adventures!

If you ever have questions for me please do not hesitate to reach out!  Email is always the best way to reach me.  From there if you would like to set up a phone call or in person meeting I am always happy to do so.  Now go enjoy this beautiful weather!

Mrs. Anshell

Week of Nov 14-18

Dear Parents:

We will be finishing  our math unit on division on Wednesday.  Students then will return to their former math teacher. Some children had the same teacher for division.The students enjoyed our switch. It is important for our students to not only be able to divide, but to understand the concepts behind the process. We will do flexible grouping again in the future. On Thursday and Friday we will be practicing both multiplication and division. Please practice at home too.

I would also like to inform you that I will be out of town this week. I have carefully prepared lessons for this week’s learning. I know my students will be in good hands!  

Students should have brought home their new spelling words on Friday. They will have their test on the 17th. Please monitor your child as they choose their Words Their Way activities this week,  Please do not forget to sign their form that should be turned in on Friday. There will not be a spelling list for Thanksgiving week.

Also, please continue to sign your child’s reading journal. I am encouraging them to have it signed at least 3 times this week!

Students are finishing up their biography books, and will be constructing a character from their readings, Students have historical characters from times we are currently or will be studying.  Please ask your child who they are researching. Students are encouraged to bring in supplies to enhance their characters. Examples may be yarn for hair or cloth for clothes. Students will also construct a symbol related to their character.

Thank you-


What a wonderful Halloween we had on Monday! A hue big thank you to our parents for all they do!  Well — of course for the Cub Lovers we had another big day – or shall I say evening yesterday. It was fun to see the many Cub clothes and Cub colors on the students, as well as on staff today.

We will be doing a choral reading on Friday for our friends in the other fourth grade classes. The reading will be Casey at Bat. It seemed like an appropriate reading to do.  Please wear “fan” clothes tomorrow — sun glasses, hats and other items you would think fans would wear when watching a baseball game.

I am doing a check-off for Journal Reading this week. Read! Read! Read!

My math class was asked to bring in items or pictures that can be attached to a mural on Multiplication and Division in the Real World. Creativity encouraged!

I can’t believe it is Friday!  Let’s end our week with “quality” work.         Mrs. O’Connor

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Thank you for meeting with me last week during conferences. What an awesome group of parents you are — you are such great advocates for your children. I am honored to teach your children.

What a busy week we have had. We are working hard on our personal thesis. Our goal is finish our final drafts on Friday.  We also made timelines for the writing of the Declaration of Independence, as well as studied the consequences the early forefathers had to accept as they moved towards declaring independence.

We are practicing for a choral reading of Casey at Bat. Hopefully, we will perform for the rest of 4th grade soon!

My plan for starting new novel book groups will occur now after our 4th grade biography unit. We will be reading the biography books in small groups, similar to the novel studies. The biography unit will not only include great readings, it will also lead to important discussion and writing.

We finished our class novel – Phantom Tollbooth! We will be starting a new novel next week….. hmmm ….wonder what it will be?

In math, we are going to start studying division. We are finishing up our studies on arrays and the “bowtie” method of multiplication. Yep — we now understand factors, multiples and factorization.

Homework — Students in my math class have a problem of the week due on Friday. No daily homework this week. We have been busy with our multiplication fact tests and multiplication review and assessments.

Homeroom — Please continue with your reading journal!