Energetic 6th Graders Study Energy!


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Marie Murphy 6th grade students expanded plenty of mental energy to help develop their understanding of potential and kinetic energy and the variables that influence both. Working collaboratively, students built model cars using the resistance of rubber bands. In-class competitions … Continue reading

Marie Murphy Alumni from the Class of 1961 Visit


Student council member Sabrina tours a Marie Murphy alumnus.


Members of the Journalism Club and Marie Murphy alumnus, Ronnie G., look through old student newspapers and photographs.


Student council President, Harrison, tours former Marie Murphy, Class of 1961, graduates.


Cover letter from the 1961 student report card, by Marie Murphy.


Student council members, Harrison and Josh, speak with alumni about Marie Murphy history.


Original “The Avoca Parrot” editions from 1961.


The graduation class of 1961; graduation took place in very same gym current Marie Murphy students graduate from today.


Journalism Club members Lauren, Liv and Jules listen, laugh, and record alumni responses during the roundtable interview and discussion.


Members of the Marie Murphy Class of 1961 participate in a roundtable interview with the Marie Murphy Journalism Club members.

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Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences

You are invited to participate in the Parent-Teacher Conferences to be held on: Wednesday, October 21, 2015, from 3:00-7:00 p.m. and Thursday, October 22, 2015, from 3:00-7:00 p.m.

The online registration period is: 9:00 a.m. on Friday, October 9, 2015, until 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 20, 2015.

You will need to use a username and password to sign up!  This information will be emailed to you on Friday, October 2.

Beginning October 9th, please sign-up for conferences here!

Click here to read the information regarding Parent Teacher Conferences from Mr. Palcer!

Pétanque, Anyone?

Learning French at Marie Murphy open doors to French games!  All students who take French played “la pétanque” on September 16.  “Pétanque” is a popular  game which originated in the south of France.  It is similar to bocce ball.  The objective of the game is to place “la boule” (made out of metal, usually steel) as close as possible to “le cochonnet” (made out of wood).  There are two teams for each game, the first team to reach 13 points wins!  The students had a blast playing “la pétanque”.  It has become an annual tradition to play “pétanque” at Marie Murphy!

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Phone Service Outage at Marie Murphy

Dear Avoca Community,

We have been having telephone issues at Marie Murphy School for a few days, and, as of right now (Thursday, September 24), we still only have intermittent service. We are working closely with the telephone company to address the problem, but every “fix” only seems to restore service on a temporary basis.

If you need to contact Marie Murphy School or the Avoca School District offices and get a busy signal from the main lines, please call (847) 732-7248. You can also try Avoca West at (847) 724-6800. They will get a message to us, and we will call you back.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

Kevin Jauch

~Namaste 7th Graders~

On Friday, September 18th, as an extension of their yoga training for a warm-up sequence in Theatre class, 7th grade Theatre students were treated to a full yoga class taught by guest yoga instructor, Paul Weitz.  Mr. Weitz has taught yoga for over 20 years throughout Los Angeles and Chicago, and specifically here on the North Shore. He led the students through a series of breath-based flow postures, and challenged them to some fun and tricky standing poses.  He expressed the value of yoga training in bringing a sense of strength and confidence to the work the students are doing in Theatre class, as well as the relaxation and concentration skills that can benefit them for life. The students really enjoyed his class and hope to have him back again very soon!

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Marie Murphy 8th Graders Clean Up at Carwash Fundraiser!

The 8h graders at Marie Murphy took advantage of the gorgeous weather this last weekend and held their annual Graduation Carwash Fundraiser. Working collaboratively to clean a steady stream of cars (and soak each other in the process!), the Class of 2016 raised over $2500 to offset the cost of their graduation activities. A good time was had by all! Mr. Minsley’s advisory emerged as the classroom competition winner, selling more tickets than their peers!

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Marie Murphy Art Club Reaches New Heights!

Marie Murphy’s Art Club, sponsored by art teacher Ms. Kelly Sabatini, is reaching new heights as they look for different mediums to showcase their talents. Initiated last year, student works are now proudly being created not on paper or canvas, but rather on ceiling tiles. Recreating masterpieces, members of Art Club are having their works displayed in the most logical place – the ceiling! The effect is an art studio that is maximizing all available space to showcase the growing talents of Marie Murphy’s young artists! Samples from the ceiling gallery are below.

IMG_9038 IMG_9036 IMG_9037


7th Grade Science Get’s Moving!

Students in Mr. Persino’s 7th grade science class have been walking, running, jumping and building these first days of school in an effort to understand the concepts of velocity,  acceleration. Utilizing iPad technology combined with movement, flash gates and mini roller-coaster track, students are developing a better understanding of the variables that impact acceleration, velocity and energy.

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