September 29th Update

5B Updates

It has been a busy September! I am so proud of how much the students have accomplished. I am looking forward to a busy and productive October!

Science: We have been doing lots of experiments to better understand properties of matter, physical and chemical changes, the law of the conservation of matter and more!  We will be wrapping up the unit with an assessment next Wednesday, October 5th.  Students will have a study guide to help them study and prepare.

Writing:  Narrative writing is in full swing! Students have chosen their small moment story.  They have been working to create a story arch to help them guide their writing and thinking about what their story is really about.  We will be working to edit and revise our piece so we will be ready for our writing celebration in the near future.

Reading:  We are getting into our Daily 2 routines.  Students are doing a great job using their time wisely working on either Reading to Self, Working on Writing or Word Work.  I have the opportunity to meet with small groups daily.  We are talking about reacting to text, character traits, plot diagraming and our new Notice and Note strategy looking for Contrast and Contradictions.

Math: Unit 1 is wrapping up. Students have learned to multiple strategies to multiply and the partial quotient strategy for division. Our next unit will be to explore finding volume.

  • Important Dates:
    • October 3: No School- Rosh Hashanah
    • October 10: No School- Columbus Day
    • October 12: No School- Yom Kippur
    • October 19 & 20: Parent Teacher Conferences
    • October 21: Teacher Institute Day

Glubber/Flubber Product Testing

We made 3 different versions and then put them through a variety of tests to decide which is the best.



Ph Testing

Students worked hard to determine the pH of a variety of liquids using cabbage juice as an indicator.  It was a great lab!  The students were focused and learned lots! Ask them to tell you more!



Week 3 Update. By Brandon and Cooper

Week: 3

By Brandon & Cooper


Tuesday, September 6

Our room was like a sauna not to mention the tornado sirens going off for the first Tuesday of the month. It was 91 degrees outside felt like a million though. We started our first science unit on matter  which would have been great if we were not inside a giant toaster oven. Then we went to the science lab with Mrs. Johnson and used pan balance scales. We measured weights. The weight size ranged from 100g to 10g. After science we had lunch grilled cheese was that days hot lunch. After recess and lunch we had the fall map math test. Which was very long and boring. By the time that was over it was time to pack up and go home.


Wednesday, September 7

Not as hot today. The temperature is 87 feels like 96  We got a tornado fan from the Rowes. Our class went back to a regular schedule because we don’t have a map test. After gym and music we went to math. Nothing exciting there. At ten thirty we went back to our homeroom and did some writing. All the sudden Mrs.Ryan came into the room and it was time for encore literacy. Today was the day we were going to share our presentations on figurative language. Good thing it went as planed. It has just been a regular day but tomorrow back to testing. It was indoor recess because of a giant storm front that lasted about 20 minutes. After that we read a new edition of Time for kids magazine. One of the articles was about the 2016 Rio Olympics with the Most glorified olympian of all time. The one and only Michael Phelps    


Thursday, September 8

It is overcast today with a perfect temperature of a high of 84. We got to have gym outside but we were limited to the blacktop. We had spanish today. After spanish we had math.Then we had daily 2. Which we miss to write this. Then Mr. Hoffheimer came into the room and we worked on our digital imagery project. At 12:10 we went to lunch which was so delicious. Then we had read to self and science and before we knew it, it was time to go home.  


Friday, September 9

It is 84 degrees out today. We started the day off with gym we could do 4 square, basketball, and jump roping. We had S.E.L. and watched some videos. After that we had math. After math we did a pre spelling test and friendly Friday letters.  Our special today was Art. In Art we created tiles for our mosaic. Todays lunch was Pasta Bar!!!!! After recess we had daily two. At 1:30 Mrs. Hutchinson came in to read us a book. After that we while have science and read aloud. Then it will be the WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!



Best and Worst Reading Times

Our best and worst reading times


Last week we discussed our best and worst reading times.

One of my worst reading times was when my sister kept on telling me to play dolls with her! My best reading times are when I’m in my pj’s all curled up in bed and loving my book. I bet you get really bugged when there’s noise all around you or you love laying on your bed blasting the radio on one side of the ear and on the other side having your cat purr in.

All of our marvelous styles of enjoying reading are different. Some of our worst times in reading sound like the best times in reading to another person. We’re all different especially when it comes to styles in reading.


You might love it when your reading and your siblings or parents turn up the volume as high as they can or you hate it just like me. Your opinion in best and worst reading times is respected. Love that moment of reading or have it be your worst nightmare.


Try to love your reading moments I know I do. Choose to love most moments or hate most moments. If it’s the perfect moment and it doesn’t feel like it the book you choose is not your kind of book.

Wax Museum

By now we all know who our Wax Museum person will be and everyone is excited!  Below are some dates to remember!

Date Event
Friday, November 13th Students MUST have TWO Biography Books!You may need to go to the public library to get the resources you will need!
Friday, November 13th Begin research at school
Monday, November 30th Research done and submitted to teacher
Week of November 30th Writing begins at school
Week of November 30th Make button box and artifact at home (more instructions to come later)
Week of December 7th Final touches on essay and begin oral presentation
Friday, December 11th WAX MUSEUM!! 1:15-2:30Come see everyone in action!

The Voice!

12193321_10207352182820248_5626655705934988372_nMy very good friend from middle school, Jeffery Austin, came in a few weeks ago to sing for the 5th Grade students. He will be back live on The Voice tonight, Monday, November 9th!!!  He has made it to the top 20.  Don’t forget to watch and vote! I know he would love your support!!

Go Jeffery Austin!!


Week of October 5th-9th

I hope everyone is enjoying the cool Fall weather!

What’s the Scoop in 5B?

Writing- Students have written several small moment narratives in their Writer’s notebook. I am extremely impressed by their stories so far! They have really grown since the beginning of the year. We will take one of those narratives and move it through the writing process.

Reading- Students have been doing a fantastic job finding and responding to our Notice and Note signposts in their independent reading books and readings we have studied in class. When readers come across these signposts students are answering text-dependent anchor questions to help them take note and read more closely. In the next few weeks, students will start using these strategies in small, guided book clubs. I


Social Studies- We have ended our Science Matter unit and are beginning Social Studies. Students will be studying different economic systems. We will start the week with important vocabulary words (supply, demand, producers, consumers, goods, and services.) Later in the week, students will work in small groups to do research and a short presentation on an assigned economic system (capitalism, socialism, communism).

Upcoming Dates:

  • No School on Monday, October 12th (Columbus Day)
  • Half Days for Parent Teacher Conferences on Wednesday, October 21st and Thursday, October 22nd
  • “Breakfast with Books” (The One and Only Ivan) Thursday, October 22nddownload (1)
  • No School Friday, October 23rd (Teacher Institute)
  • “Book Blurbers” (realistic fiction) due Friday, October 30th
  • Halloween Party and Parade Friday, October 30th