Book Club Movie Day!

The Marie Murphy Book Club read The Maze Runner last month, and now we’re going to see the movie! Join us if you’re free! Mrs. Stotz and I will be outside the theater around 12:40.

When: Sunday, October 5 @ 12:50

Where: Old Orchard Theater 1-6

Cost – $7.50 ($7 if you’re under 13 years old)

Edgar Allan Poe – Webquest

Have You Met Edgar Allan Poe? – An Inquiry Project

Directions: Research information on Edgar Allan Poe using the websites below. Take notes in the googledoc that is shared with you, in the category listed under your name. You must answer all the questions in your category, but feel free to add more information if you discover anything interesting…and there is lots of interesting information to be learned here!

Poe’s Life

Poe’s Life Timeline

Poe’s Literary Contributions

Poe Video: “His own worst enemy”

Poe Video about “The Raven”

More about Poe’s Life

The Baltimore Ravens Football Team

Poe Photos

Poe’s Milestones

Independent Reading Requirement for Quarter 2

Hello Readers! I’m so impressed with all the great literature being read by our 7th graders this year!  The Quarter 2 requirement is to read 5 books.  Click here to find the due dates.  And, Click here to find out what some of our 7th graders’ favorite titles were at the beginning of the school year.  As always, I have lists of award winners available if you click the link called Book Recommendations to the right.  Happy reading!