Food Concept Stations


AVOCA WEST: Dash, Good Greens and Homegrown
Avoca West Planogram

Avoca West Entrance

Avoca West Fruit and Veggie Bar

Avoca West Grab and Go Cooler

Avoca West Serving Line


MARIE MURPHY- Bread Bowl, Dash, Good Greens and Homegrown
Marie Murphy Planogram

Marie Murphy Deli Bar

Bread & Bowl: Bread & Bowl features Made-to-order deli sandwiches, paninis, and homemade soups and breads. All of our sandwiches and wraps include options for students that are gluten-free. We top these options with high-quality meats and cheeses, fresh produce, and garnish with traditional and gourmet condiments.

Dash: We understand that classes, work, and athletics can make a student’s already busy schedule even busier. We offer sandwiches, salads, snack boxes and parfaits to grab on-the-go.

Good Greens: Good Greens features fresh leafy greens with a variety of colorful fruit and vegetable toppings. In addition, students can find a variety of composed salads with animal and plant based proteins with a variety of dressings. Our in-season and locally-sourced options make for a great foundation of our salad bar and fresh produce concept.

Homegrown: Featuring the unique flavors, ingredients, and traditions found in regional, American cuisine. Our Homegrown concept features a rotating menu of Chicago staples; Kansas City, Memphis, and Texas BBQ; New England seafood classics; Carolina low-country fare; and the fresh, produce-centered favorites from Southern California.