Marie Murphy Student Government Program

The Student Government Program for 8th grade students at Marie Murphy School is sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Wilmette.  It is designed to promote awareness of the important role that local governments play in our lives and to highlight the many areas of intergovernmental cooperation in our region.  Program participants represent all middle schools in the Wilmette area.  This year’s Marie Murphy School participants are listed along with their student leader assignments as follows:  School Board President – Victoria Zibart; School Board Vice President – Tom Sorensen; School Board Members – Kevin Parra, Ben Redemann, Regina Madanguit, Aiyappa Kodendera and Alicia Belknap; District Superintendent – Alexandra Duhe; and Business Manager – Hannah Russell.

Over the next few months, the Marie Murphy School Student Government participants will shadow the elected members of the District 37 School Board to observe how it functions and to learn about the important issues School Board members confront at their meetings.  The program will close with a mock board meeting in the Council Chamber of the Wilmette Village Hall, where students will present and debate their proposals.  Successful proposals by Marie Murphy School participants will then be presented to the School Board for their consideration.  The Student Government Program has been in place for many years at the school and provides excellent preparation for a life of civic engagement.  Eighth-grade social studies teacher Richard Katz is supervising this year’s Student Government Program at Marie Murphy School.

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