Pupil Services Home

Welcome to Avoca District 37’s Pupil Service Department where we serve our special education, advanced learner and english language learner students, families and staff.  The Pupil Services Department is an integral support system to the regular educational programs of the Avoca School District. Many different types of programs/services are available through the Pupil Services Department. These services are designed to assist the students in the school district in dealing with educational challenges and other factors which may impact their learning or educational experience at Avoca.

Services and programs to students, parents and teachers include Speech and Language, English Language Learners (EL), Intervention Services, Advanced Learners, Special Education, Avoca Community Blended Preschool, Preschool Screening, and School Nursing.  Services offered through the Pupil Services Department may be delivered in a variety of ways depending on student and teacher need. Services range from consultations to teacher and or parents, in-class support, resource room assistance, and special instructional classes. Diagnostic services to assist in educational planning are provided when specific testing or evaluations are necessary to provide support. All services are coordinated with the regular classroom program and parents are an important partner in this process.  Services are accessed through a problem-solving process. Teachers and parents may contact the Pupil Services Team in their building to request assistance. The Pupil Services Team (consisting of professional staff from a variety of disciplines) meets to discuss the concern(s)and makes recommendations(s) for further action.

Avoca 37 is committed to providing an education that maximizes the unique potential of each child we serve.  I am looking forward to serving our community and developing collaborative partnerships with our Avoca parents and staff.

Donna Toops, Director of Pupil Services