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Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 12.13.11 PMParents of Marie Murphy:

In December all of the seventh graders participated in the Erika’s Lighthouse Depression Training Curriculum. The purpose of this curriculum is to teach students about mental health issues and attempt to break the stigma of seeking help. Students learned the signs and symptoms of depression, where to go and how to ask for help and what to do if he or she has a friend they are concerned about.

If you would like more information below is a parent handbook.

Parent Handbook on Childhood and Adolescent Depression

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Another local mental health resource is Haven. Haven is located at 825 Green Bay Rd. Ste, 200 Wilmette, IL 6091 and can be contacted at (847) 251-6630. Haven offers the following resources for families in the area:

Crisis Intervention: Haven can respond to emergency calls and respond to crisis 24-hours and seven days a week.

Mental Health Services: Haven offers individual, family and group therapy services and can provide families and youth with referrals to other resources within the community if needed. 

Emergency Housing: Haven works with two local shelters that provide temporary housing for boys 12-17 and girls 12-19.


If you have a concern and are looking for mental health professionals in the area below is a list of local resources. Many of these resources have sliding scale payments that vary and are based on income. Mental Health Resources in the Area

Other resources:

Information on ADHD

Information on ADHD, Autism and Learning Disabilities

Helping your Child Cope with Stress

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