Intervention Specialist

Intervention Specialists are trained school psychologists whose primary role is to collaborate with parents, teachers, students, support staff and administrators in promoting and ensuring the educational best interest, well-being, safety, and quality of life for all students. This is often accomplished by working with teams to problem solve individual student needs, develop and implement intervention plans, and monitor and evaluate student progress toward goals.
Examples of some areas in which the Intervention Specialist may offer service(s) include:

  • Facilitation of problem solving with grade level teams
  • Management of Marie Murphy and Avoca West referral process
  • Staff development
  • Special education evaluations and re-evaluations
  • Crisis screeining, prevention, and intervention
  • Collection of school-wide early literacy, reading, writing, and math performance data
  • Maintenance of District Crisis Plan
  • Individual/Small group/Classwide skill building
  • Preschool Screening