Learning Resource

The services provided by the learning resource teachers in Avoca District 37 are based on the needs of the child. Learning resource teachers provide a number of services, from consulting with the regular classroom teacher to individual or small group instruction outside of the regular classroom. The learning resource teachers use a problem-solving approach to meet the student’s needs. This approach is a team process of identifying needs, providing appropriate interventions, and monitoring student progress. Students may be referred for evaluation by parents, classroom teachers, the principal, or the learning resource teachers.

  • In support of students with disabilities, the learning resource teachers may provide diagnostic or standardized testing, develop specialized or modified curricula and offer direct instruction with the regular or resource classroom.
  • In support of students with academic concerns, the Pupil Services problem-solving team may assess the student’s needs and provide strategies and materials.
  • In support of classroom teachers, the learning resource teachers may collaborate with the regular classroom teachers about instruction, strategies and materials or co-teach classes to facilitate the education of students.
  • In support of the school community, the learning resource teachers, in conjunction with the speech and language pathologist and school psychologist, have developed processes to monitor student progress in early literacy skills, reading and writing fluency and math calculation .