I think this poems says it best:

I’ve worked with your flower,
And helped it to grow.
I’m returning it now,IMG_2445
But I want you to know…
This flower is precious,
As dear as can be.
Love it, take care of it,
And you will see…
A bright new bloom,
With every day.
It grew and blossomed
In such a wonderful way.
In September just a bud,
January, a bloom;
Now a lovely blossom
I’m returning in June.
Remember, this flower,
As dear as can be,
Though rightfully yours,
Part will always belong to me!

Thank you for such a wonderful school year.  It was a pleasure working with not only your beautiful child but with you as well.  We made a great team! 🙂

30 Book Challenge Party

Congratulations to all of my students who met the 30 Book Challenge this year!  Each of these students read at least 30 “just right” books of different genres. We celebrated by playing a game of “Octopus” outside and then enjoying ice cream topped with strawberries and blueberries. Mmmm….  Who knew reading could be so sweet?!

Reading Buddies

Today my students proudly read their fairytales to their kindergarten and first grade buddies. They were the teachers, reading their stories loudly and with expression.  Their buddies loved it!  Take a look at these 3rd grade authors.

Be sure to have your child read you their fairytale when they bring it home on Thursday.  They are a treasure to be kept. 🙂

Extreme Weather

Students have been pouring over data looking for clues to help them answer the question above. Each group of students had to make sense of their particular data and then present their findings to the class.  Once they had done this for both tornados and hurricanes, they could intelligently make a claim and support their claim with evidence. 

3rd Grade Music Program: Westward Ho!

Bravo!  Bravo!  Congratulations to all of the 3rd grade students on their amazing performance.  They all worked very hard on their songs, speaking parts, instrumentals and dances.  Rancher Vogelstein confirms it was a great night!  Thank you parents for joining us and especially for dusting off your cowboy boots and joining in on the fun!  Yeehaw!



Fraction Number Lines

Students used number lines to place fractions “precisely” in just the right spot.  They were asked to partition each fraction accurately based on its numerator and denominator. In doing this, students could visually see which fractions were equivalent.

Fraction Madness

fractions14 Fractions first_thumb1326252340

In math, students will be developing an understanding of fractions as numbers.  In this unit, students investigate the meaning of fractions and the ways fractions can be represented and compared. In class students will spend time discussing problems in depth and will be asked to share their reasoning and solutions.  It is important that children solve math problems in ways that make sense to them.  At home, encourage your child to explain the math thinking that supports those solutions.