Second Grade Folk Night

Our second annual Folk Night event took place on Tuesday evening, February 27 from 5:45 to 7:00 p.m. Students and their parents were given the opportunity to participate in activities involving Drama, Music and Spanish, as well as view a folk puppet art exhibit created by our second grade students. 

Art in Action Day

The gym at Avoca West was filled with creative energy on February 8th, 2018 during the PTC-sponsored Art in Action Day event. This year’s art stations included hands-on experience with watercolors, abstract acrylic painting, still life, digital portraits, jewelry making, dance, glow stick photography, mask painting and collage scrapbooking. A huge thank you goes out to the PTC, parents, Avoca administration, staff, and local artists who volunteered their time to support this wonderful event.

Art Club

The Art Department at Avoca West School offers a before school Art Club every year. Each grade level meets for six consecutive sessions during the school year beginning with fifth grade and ending with first grade. Enrollment is limited to fifteen students per session and classes are free of charge. Student participation is selected by lottery and all classes meet from 7:30 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. Students will receive an invitation to join when it is time for their grade level session to meet. When you receive the letter to join, please sign and return it to Mrs. Scozia if you would like your child to participate.


Student Art Gallery

The art department is accepting submissions for the 2018 Student Art Gallery exhibit. We are currently displaying artwork from the following student artists: Rosalee, Maya, Paxton, Kate, Jackson, Lauren B., Eleanor, Eva, Lauren A., Kiera, and Alexa. What a talented group of artists!

Students at every grade level are invited to present a selection of their artwork to Mrs. Scozia, and will also need to complete an “artist’s statement.”  

Congratulations and a huge thank you goes out to our talented 2017 Student Gallery Artists for sharing their amazing artwork with us! They are: Evan, Alex, Margaret, Bella, Abigail, and Aaliya. We all enjoyed viewing their creative illustrations!



First Grade Artists

Students have been learning about color, line, shape, and texture. They used this knowledge to create colorful animal tempera paintings and self portrait contour line drawings, which can be viewed in the first grade corridor.

Students are encouraged to submit artwork to our “Student Art Gallery” bulletin board.



Second Grade Artists

Students examine the role that graffiti street art plays in the community today, and where they have seen it. They practice drawing their name using different three dimensional lettering styles on large poster paper. Their “tagging” creations are hanging outside of the second grade classrooms. 

We are currently beginning our folktale puppet unit. Students will be creating their favorite folktale character and will share it with their parents during folktale night in February. 

Students are encouraged to submit artwork to our “Student Art Gallery” bulletin board.

Fourth Grade Artists

We recently completed our American Revolution murals. They are hanging in the fourth grade corridor. Please stop by and take a look!

We are also exploring the faux stained glass technique. Students will be incorporating Greek Mythology images into their stained glass designs, which you can view on the windows in the breezeway by the science room.  They also created collages using the same media. 

Students are encouraged to submit artwork to our “Student Art Gallery” bulletin board.


Fifth Grade Artists

Students are currently creating a unique mosaic composition using colorful pieces of ceramic tile. They are using a tile nipper to cut large pieces of tile into smaller shapes, then will be attaching them to a piece of wood using liquid glue. Colored grout will be added to complete the process. This mosaic art activity promotes large and small hand muscle development, as well as eye-hand coordination. Students share materials and engage in free-form critiques. 

We recently completed our Industrial Revolution colored pencil portrait sketches, which can be viewed in the fifth grade corridor.

Students are encouraged to submit artwork to our “Student Art Gallery” bulletin board.