Dear Kindergarten Families,

Our class is really starting to get the hang of being in school.  They have mastered their morning routines, gotten more independent in Daily 5 centers, and have really started to let their interests and personalities come out.  It has been a wonderful experience seeing them become more comfortable and confident in school.  Here are some curriculum updates:

ELA: We have been working on the sight words “I” and “a” over the past few weeks.  Students are beginning to recognize these words in their daily interactions with texts of all kinds: our morning messages, guided reading books, worksheet activities and independent reading.  Next week we will practice the sight word “my,” and the letters /a/, /t/, and /i/.  In guided reading we are practicing using the pointer finger to touch each word as we read together.  Students have also enjoyed learning about rhyming words as we continue to strengthen the basic skills for reading and phonics.

Math:  The students have gotten really strong in recognizing patterns and counting 1-20 as a group.  We practice these skills daily in our Morning Meeting/Number Corner time.   Our daily Calendar time has helped students to make predictions about patterns, become more familiar with the days of the week (with the help our days of the week song) and practice saying the full date, “Today is Friday, September 29th, 2017).  We use a bar graph to chart each day’s weather, and the students have had many opportunities to compare amounts (more/greater, less/fewer, and equal/the same).  We have started exploring our new math work places these past few weeks.  The students absolutely love this part of our math curriculum! They can choose between making pattern block pattern shapes, making shapes and designs on the geo-boads with geo-bands, connecting/creating/comparing unifix cubes, and connecting and building with polygon shapes (flat triangles and squares that snap together to make 3D creations) to build to their heart’s content!

Social Studies: As we continue on in our citizenship unit, we discuss daily what it means to be a good citizen in school, at home, and in our community.  Many opportunities for discussion arise naturally as the children learn to navigate the social aspects of kindergarten and being in a class.  These allow for more meaningful, student driven discussions about how to be a good citizen when something doesn’t go our way, when we run into a problem, etc.  We also had the privilege of having our principal, Mrs. Hutchison, come in to read “How to Be a Viking” by Cressida Cowell.  This visit and story helped the students learn what it means to be a BRAVE (Bold: risk takers, Respectful, Accountable, Valuable, and Empathetic) Avoca West Vikings!



– Our field trip to The Grove is on Friday, October 6h in the morning.  Please pack your child a home lunch that day since we will be eating in our classroom upon our return to school.

– No School on Monday, October 9th due to the holiday.

– If you haven’t done so already, please search Ms. Slagel’s Classroom 2017-2018 on Facebook to see more frequent picture/video updates throughout the week! Request to join this closed (private) group, and I will accept you once I get the notification!



See Pictures from the past few weeks below!



Hello Kindergarten Families!

The first two weeks of kindergarten have flown by!  I have loved getting to know your wonderful little ones a little more every day.  We have been working on mastering our morning routines, practicing our September poem “Apples Apples” (to come home this week!), and learning how to be in school as a kindergartener.  They are a lovely group with so many unique personalities and I consider myself so lucky to have the chance to learn and grow with them every day.  Here is an update in what we’ve been learning during our first two weeks of kindergarten!

ELA (English/Language Arts): We have been practicing our Daily 5 centers routine, where the students rotate in small groups through 5 literacy centers throughout the classroom.  We’ve been focusing on tracing and producing letters and numbers, looking at books independently and with peers in our classroom library, matching uppercase and lowercase letters, letters with playdough, and practicing our names!   Next week we will begin our Daily 5 centers with a focus on the letters “M” and “S,” and the sight word “I.” 

Math: We have been discussing and practicing positional language (above, below, beside, between, etc.).  Look for your child’s positional mini-book in their backpack or home folder- they’re so proud of them! We will continue to practice our positional language next week and throughout the school year!

Social Studies: Citizenship is our first unit of study in Social Studies.  We have been discussing rules and why they are important, specifically rules in school and in the classroom.  Next week we will be working together to create some rules for our own classroom! We read “Grody’s Not-So-Golden Rules” and “David Goes to School” both of which focus on the importance of rules for ourselves and for those around us.  We will continue to work towards becoming responsible, respectful citizens in our classroom, our school and our homes. 


-Picture Day is Monday 9/18/17.  If you haven’t already, you can place an online order or      send the paper form into school Monday morning to order photos!

-No School next week on Thursday, 9/21/17 due to the holiday.    

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