Every odd numbered year the Avoca community typically elects three or four community members to serve on the Board of Education (BOE). That unique Board will stay intact for two full calendar years barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Early in each new cycle the Avoca Board of Education and the Superintendent meet together with a facilitator from the Illinois State Board of Education to generate a legacy document representing the values and priorities of the seven BOE members and the Superintendent.

The seven statements listed below represent the legacy that the 2017-2019 Avoca Board of Education aims to accomplish during their tenure.


  • We valued children above all else and supported what was needed to further their academic, social, emotional and physical well-being.

  • We maintained fiscal responsibility while ensuring funding was adequate to deliver upon our objectives.

  • We focused on a “Whole Child” viewpoint - balancing academics, arts, athletics and social/emotional education as all key components to each student’s success. 
  • We improved district-wide communication in a deliberate and systematic manner to transparently inform and engage all parties.
  • We strived for excellence in all aspects of the student experience.
  • We considered all options regarding Avoca Center and chose the best solution for our constituents.

  • We were an imaginative board with creative solutions to the district’s complex issues.

  Download: 2017-2019 Board Legacy.pdf