Behavior Expectations

Classroom Discipline

In my classroom I use a “Clip Up” behavior management system. This visual system allows students to move up the behavior spectrum throughout the day (3 zones). Students who go above classroom expectations may clip up to the teacher and possibly to the principal! Students use a calendar to set behavior goals for the month and this calendar can be found in the Bravo Binder. It is a visual tool for self-monitoring and goal setting. 

Green Zone- I am making good choices and trying my best throughout the day. 
Yellow Zone- I need to think about my choices and how they are effecting my learning today. 
Red Zone- I am having a hard time making good choices and I need to communicate what is going on with my parents today. 

Reward System aka Lara Class Store

I also do a whole class reward system. Every student has a wallet where they keep their Lara Loot. Lara Loot is passed out throughout the week to students making good choices, using kind words, taking learning risks, and collaborating nicely with others. When I see the WHOLE class working together or showing good behavior in some way, our store prices go down. Every Friday, the store opens up and we reflect on our choices throughout the week as a team. Prices of items can fluctuate. Students learn to work together with the common goal of having prices decrease so "items" can be purchased.