Girls Volleyball Team


volleyball logo Congratulations to the 2019 Volleyball Team It will be a fun season!

Please have kneepads for Tuesday
Players cannot practice without the Physical (Doctor's Exam) form on file with the nurse

The season is from September 3rd - October 22nd.

  • Practices are on school days Mon-Thurs until 5:30 and Fridays until 5:00
  • On game days, matches start at 4:00pm or 5:00pm and run about an hour. 


Athletic Permit (Parent Permission)

Physical (Doctor's Exam)

Game Schedule

Directions to Games


Coach Lane - OR Coach Fay -

Grade Player
6 Brynn S
6 Eleni K
6 Hope L
6 Julia K
6 Kiki S
7 Ashley B
7 Denise T
7 Issy R
7 Izzy M
7 Jenni S
7 Jillian P
7 Laila C
7 Lily L
7 Olivia K
7 Silva S
8 Aaron M
8 Alivia G
8 Bella C
8 Daisy R
8 Enie B
8 Eva P
8 Lisa I
8 Tayla B
8 Tiggy G