Student Government holds mock board meeting on TV

Student Government holds mock board meeting on TV
Posted on 02/26/2019
Photograph of the Marie Murphy Student Government participants at the mock board meeting

The Marie Murphy 8th Grade League of Student and Government Leaders conducted their mock school board meeting at the Wilmette Village Hall on February 25, 2019.  

Their discussion demonstrated understanding of the challenging issues facing our school board, as well as how to conduct a local government meeting. The participants completed this undertaking unscripted on live television!  The mock meeting was aired on Wilmette Community Television (WCTV-6) and is available for viewing here.  

This year's participants were: Anwyn Li, Ela Ilic, Sara Grossman, Maya Szal, Ivanah Rajwani, Lauren Schnizlein, Serana Vandergrift. (Karitsa Patel and Nicole Bokiess were unable to attend the mock meeting due to illness, but worked really hard in the program.)

Avoca commends this group of students for their hard work and commitment to learning about their local government and community leadership.  Our future is bright in the hands of these upcoming leaders.