Dr. Jauch's Farewell Message

Dr. Jauch's Farewell Message
Posted on 06/10/2019
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Every year around this time, people start asking me if I am looking forward to the end of the school year, and as much as I appreciate the slower pace and greater predictability of the summer work days, the answer is always “no.” I look at every school year and every student as a work in progress and always wish that I had a little more time to tie up loose ends and see projects through to fruition. The end of this school year is even a bit more bittersweet as I prepare to move on from Avoca.

I have had several meetings with Dr. Osburn and have enjoyed getting to know him. He is a sound educational leader who brings a creative mind, an optimistic attitude and great enthusiasm to this position. I am confident that Avoca will continue to flourish under his leadership.

After 13 years having been both Principal of Avoca West and Superintendent of the District, there are far too many people for me to thank, far too many stories that I can tell of how my life has been enriched by Avoca folks, and far too little time to do it all the justice it deserves, but please know that I will always look back on my years at Avoca fondly and with appreciation. I wish you all much continued success and happiness!