2017-19 Board of Education Committee Structure


BOE Committees:
Finance: Jamie Taylor, Joel Raynes, and Louise Dechovitz
Policy: Dan Garbis and Rick Zelinsky
Parent/Teacher Advisory Committee*
Behavioral Interventions Committee*
* Established by law and technically a BOE committee, does not require a BOE member. Reports to BOE annually, typically in the fall.

Standing Committees:
Benefits: Sheryl Swibel
Wilmette Community Special Education Agreement (WCSEA): Gil Gibori
Communication: Gil Gibori and Sheryl Swibel

BOE Representatives:
ED-RED: Rick Zelinsky, Gil Gibori
PTC Liaison: Sheryl Swibel, Jamie Taylor

Ad Hoc Committees:
Avoca Center: Dan Garbis and Joel Raynes
Curriculum Adoption: TBD as necessary
Technology: Rick Zelinsky
Website Revamp: Gil Gibori and Rick Zelinsky